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He came back, covered me with a blanket, Sucked me as passionately as in the bathroom.
– The coolest thing is that these are not all possible variants of our fun.
Always be ready for my or our arrival.

Yes, I can not come alone, and the next time a female role can get to you.
We will come up with cool poses, maybe even shoot it all on video.

Close your eyes: I closed my eyes, heard a bang, opened and saw an empty room.
Slowly getting out of bed, dressed, put everything in order, began to dream how it will be next time.
who will be for a woman.
How many guests from the future will be.
I could not wait for the next time.
The main thing is not to forget to keep a diary of free days.

Vince watched his 25-year-old daughter slowly enter the office.
He couldn’t help but grin, noticing her outfit.
Stephanie was wearing a new business suit, she preferred this type of clothing when she wanted to look like an adult.
She may have been an adult in front of someone else, but you can’t fool Vince.
He supervised her during her tenure as general manager, she dressed professionally and acted confidently.

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Vince knew that deep down, Stephanie was always a scared girl.
The usually proud young girl now seemed timid and nervous as she went in and closed the door behind her.
Barely able to look her father in the eyes, Stephanie removed a strand of her long brown hair from her face, Vince rose from the table.
“Well, good, good! Why come here?” He did not try to hide his cheerful mood.
He was going to enjoy it.
“Stephanie McMahon, why did you come? For some reason, I thought you would never want to talk to me!” Stephanie moved her legs and looked at the floor, without saying anything in reply.
“Please, you can sit down.
Tell me, why am I honored with this visit? “He sat down at his desk with a big, poisonous smile on his face.
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