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Exclamations of bliss began to emanate from my mouth, stuck to the lips of Natasha.
All this time I continued to caress Polina’s tender hips and knees.
Suddenly, Natasha pulled away from my kisses, buried her head in my chest and often pushed backwards, clinging to my hand and trying to concentrate on the sensations that arose between her legs.

Polina instantly took advantage of the situation, and I, barely able to come back from Natasha’s lips, felt Polina’s tender hot tongue.
Subtle groans came from the girl’s chest.
My hand went higher and higher, sliding along

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the inner thigh.
Polina’s legs split apart a bit and rushed towards my shameless hand.
A moment, and now my hand pressed against the insatiable crotch of the student, slightly thrown back with a cloth stretched tights.
In obedience to instincts, I began to move my hand along the lips of her vagina, causing Pauline to sigh heavily.
Quickly moving her pelvis, trying to catch every bit of the enjoyment of the actions of my hand, Polina pulled her kiss away for a second, looked lovingly into my eyes, and, one by one, undid the top buttons of her blouse.
My eyes appeared beautiful breasts, I pulled the divine hemispheres to me and my lips dissolved in their softness and roundness.
The girl pressed the back of my head with her two hands to her chest, threw back her head, passionately opened her mouth and began to gasp loudly, exhausted from the kisses of her chest and from my persistent hand, lost between two desired legs.

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I already felt the fever and moisture of a woman’s desire through Polina’s panties, when suddenly I realized that Natasha’s two caring hands were taking off my pants and my phallus was about to break free.
After a second, Natasha really let my pants down to her knees and a huge proudly risen member with a slightly open head, slightly pulsating from the tension, appeared to the gaze of the girl.
Polina heard the rustle of removable jeans, pulled away from me and stared at the sticking phallus.
Natasha, who did not want to lose the initiative, gently pushed my shirt up, partially exposing my stomach, leisurely took a member in her right hand almost at its base, pulled the skin of my penis down a little and bared my head.
For a few moments, the three of us enjoyed this spectacle, and then my dick felt Natasha’s soft narrow lips, which gently closed around the head! Oh, this caress lasted for ages! I put my hand on Natasha’s head in order to better feel the rhythm of these sweet movements.
They were slow and enveloping, I felt the depth and softness of her wet mouth and when the tip of my phallus touched her palate, the charge of pleasure ran through my whole body.
With the second hand, Natasha caressed my legs, stroking them with long, longitudinal movements.
Her hair fell on opposite sides of her face, hiding my “lucky” from prying eyes in a little curly-blond hut.
I gently stroked the girl’s hair and made sounds like a quiet groan, throwing my head back.
Suddenly, the girl’s lips closed especially tightly around my phallus, I gasped loudly and blissfully said: “Oh, Natasha.
“Breaking away from the alluring spectacle, Polina began to shower my neck with wet kisses: she could not reach her upturned lips. Arab sex online.

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