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You have a new passport, Elena Nizhnyaya, and your friend is Anfisa Nizhnyaya.
I’m Velen Wok.
So, on Monday you will not go to work.

Tomorrow afternoon we will leave.
Now you collect the basic things, put on a scarf, dark glasses, a raincoat and we go to the car.
You have 5 minutes.
I am waiting.
Velen stood and waited.
Elena quickly collected the bag and went to Velen.
Let’s go to.
The women came out and got into a shiny Mercedes.
The car quickly sped along the country road.
Sharply turned right and went along the forest trail.
The car drove into the courtyard garden.
Behind the fence was a two-story house.
Velena is out.
Elena came out after her, and Anfisa came out from behind the wheel.
Hello, Anfisa.
– Helen called.
Hello, friend, – smiled Anfisa.
How do you? As you can see, great.
I am happy too.
Everything girls in the house.
Anfisa, close all windows, Elena heat the water.
Women each engaged in their own business.
Velena climbed to the second floor and took off all her clothes.
She took out black “studs”, black thongs and a dressing gown.
Then I went downstairs to the big room.
Women sat on the couch and chatted merrily.
Well, bitches, Mrs. wants pleasure.
Get undressed.
The women got up and stripped naked.
Both were clean shaven in the crotch.
Elena, in the legs.
Anfisa cancer on the sofa.
Women took poses.
Velena sat on the sofa.
Anfisa spread her butt with her hands, opening her holes.
Velena spat in Anfisa’s anus and put a finger inside her ass.
Then gave him lick Elena.
The woman dutifully licked the finger of the Lady. Asian model sex webcam.

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