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Her fingers slid along the trunk, wet with grease, swollen with an incredible rush of blood.
Keith, who mechanically continued to stroke her on the head, shifted his hand below and pulled the girl to him.
Molly trustingly pressed her ear to his chest and probably heard how often his heart was pounding.

Suddenly, lightning pierced him, and three thick and spicy, milky white streams of sperm spilled out of him.
Partly frozen in droplets on his stomach, part irrigated sheet.
On the cheek of Molly, too, a large and stinging drop flowed.
The girl wrinkled her brow: she probably didn’t like the convulsive movements under her fingers.
She opened her fist, turned to the other side, and sniffed peacefully.
Kit exhaled slowly and deeply, spreading out in a contented smile, wrapped himself in a blanket and fell asleep. Black sex movies online.

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