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I began to moan blissfully from the fact that Slavik began to lick the soles of my shoes and kiss my feet.
I felt wildly pleased, and I began to cum.
The men around him shouted even more, and I, befuddled with bliss, heard their phrases: “we fuck her here, like the last whore, and he licks her feet!”.

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time, in my mouth changed more often.
It seems that I have already managed to taste them three or four times before Ahmed discharged me with a thick warm liquid.
Zaur immediately ordered Slava to properly lick me from sperm.
My toy, having received an easy slap in the face, diligently set to work.
Slavik crawled under me and I crouched on his face.
Mmmm! What a bliss! I felt the Slavin tongue in my slightly drilled hole and arched towards him, began to fidget slightly on his face, smearing profusely Ahmed’s Caucasian

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At the same time in my mouth I had another member.
I looked up from him just for a moment to say languidly: Come on, dear, prepare me for the next man.
I saw that everyone around was very impressed with the efforts of my boy.
Someone looked at all this with disgust, and someone with a sense of power over my flexible body and Slavik.

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Out of the corner of my eye, I saw how a member of Ahmed, who had just finished at me, staring at the scene, was again filled with force.
I just felt with the skin how he liked that a pathetic guy was sucking his sperm from a girl that Ahmed had just used! Zaur ordered me to undress completely.
I took off my shortened skirt and torn blouse, remaining only on my high heels.
One of the Caucasians grabbed me in his arms and carried me to the sofa, putting me with cancer.
Well, now let’s try your ass? – With lust he blurted out.
I gladly stretched my back and also took another member in my mouth.
I resorted all the members to meet Zaur! Some two or three times and fed me with sperm so that even then did not want to eat.
Slavik regularly fulfilled his mission – he really wanted to fuck me at least at the end.
However, at some point, Zaur patted his neck and said: “Well done! Good try! But judge for yourself.
You lick the soles of the shoes of a whore, which is allowed in a circle, and still suck the sperm of all her fucking men.
Is it possible for such garbage to have women? No, women for strong men.
And if you try, maybe you will be allowed to jerk off. ”
Glory at this moment just lost his footing and fell into the abyss.
I was overwhelmed by another wave of excitement and I frantically moved like a wound up.
When another member shot me in my mouth or ass, I looked into my eyes with my little mouse, languidly covered my eyelids, clapped my eyelashes, erotically licked, saying with every movement: “I’m a whore! Anyone can fuck me! Blackstelli bongacams.

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