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This conversation with the bailiff pushed Sasha to arrange a room for observation.
He invited a carpenter who, for three rubles and a couple of scoundrels of “Smirnovsky table wine No. 29”, organized everything in the best possible way.
Now it has become quite a cozy little room with a comfortable easy chair, a table, on which there was always a drink and an appetizer.

A connoisseur of such entertainment could, without fearing to be exposed, observe what was happening in the adjacent rooms.
For this, a railway engineer Lavrinenko was invited, a large dock in optics and pinhole cameras.

He conjured more than two weeks, his work was also fully appreciated.
The cunning system of mirrors, lenses and something else, in which Sasha didn’t understand until the end, made it possible to fully enjoy the games of girls with customers.
So this time, local police officer Gabriel Stepanovich, a man of great and family, walked into the secret room into the secret room.
His secret passion was to go a couple of times a week and enjoy without fear of being caught.

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He lounged in his chair, unbuttoned his tight vice, poured “Shustovskaya” into another glass, drank it in a gulp, and deliciously crunched the apple.
In the room with his favorite pink curtains, Duska received a client.
So as not to waste time, the girl soon undresses and climbs into bed.
Laski, hugs, kisses or words of love are not needed, her darling, clerk Stepan Varvarkin, has a long and thin member, constantly sticking up, at the table all the while stretching his legs to hide the “torso” that bubbled up his pants.
Duska immediately grabs him in his hands, deftly climbs on him, sniffs, fidgets, so that the head is more capable of refueling in the “inside” and quickly begin to twitch.
Annie, with the rights of a pupil, sits beside her, looks at them, and with her index finger, some kind of anoil, scratches herself under her skirt so that she can come in quickly, if a man wants her.
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