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I walked through the checkpoint and went out into a spacious white room with soft beige sofas.
To the ears came quiet female moaning, by the sound, it was Catherine.
– Catherine! I cried out.

– I am here Mr. Nollan! In the second compartment! I opened the door of the second compartment.
Catherine was lying on a bed in a small room: not a tall, slim girl, with curly brown hair, small breasts and beautiful legs.
Catherine lay naked on her stomach, with her legs wide apart, and on her lay a pumped white-skinned male droid, who quickly rammed her pussy with a long, straight member.
– Oh, Mr. Nollan.
I give him ten points, he is gorgeous! – moaning, said Catherine, in front of her lay a folder with notes, she took a pen and put down a mark in the field.
– Rocky? – I learned a familiar model of cyborg.
– Rocky Supreme! – she corrected, – new model! The member inside bends slightly, plus it is much faster than Rocky.
Plus can lift weight to tones! A real find for a lonely woman.
– Having said this, she closed her eyes, listening to the sensations.
– By the way, they brought a new cyborg girl, sort of an order from the Japanese, look? “Of course,” I nodded. “See you.”
– I left the office and went to the supply compartment.
Harold and Rigi greeted me, two top testers, they were sitting near a Japanese robot, reviewing it and reading information from documents.
“Mr. Nollan, you see,” Harold handed me the documentation.
– Look at the processor! These are the Japanese give, eh? Do

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you know how much it costs? Four hundred thousand! I frowned.
– Chinese parts? – Everything is Japanese! Plus, the new software, we just sent.
– Harold looked worried.
– We urgently need to invent something for our programmers, otherwise we will not be able to withstand the competition when the girl gets on the shop windows.
The Android looked beautiful: a slender Asian, with an incredibly beautiful face, full breasts, narrow waist and excellent thighs.

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Rigi slightly spread the buttocks of the robot to the sides.
“Perfection itself! I looked at the holes of the Asian droid.
Indeed, they were amazing.
I carefully put the tip of my index finger to the beautiful lips of the sexual.
From the pussy instantly came a drop of grease, and flowed down the thigh.
“This is the reaction.”
– I nodded.
– Sensors are just perfect.
– And what I mean to you is perfection itself! – excitedly spoke to Reggie.
– Can I test it? – Wait a bit.
– I was very interested in this girl robot, she was unusually good.
I would rate the prototype on a half million, it can not be that it cost only four hundred thousand.
If such amount is written in the documentation, then it is really strange.
I stroked the girl on the back.
– My dear, you’re on.
What’s your name? – Hello, my name is Kiya.
– smiled girl.
“Master Naguya Kamoto?” – Frowning, I looked at Harold.
“In Android Technology, each project is headed by one master,” said Harold, “he creates design and software.”
– One man? – I snorted.
– Well yes.
– nodded Harold.
Okay, honey, what can you do? – I turned to android.
– I can monitor your apartment, maintain cleanliness, cook, care for children, can be used as security or military droid in case of a critical situation.
– my eyes widened.
– I have basic knowledge in all scientific fields and is ready to work as a consultant in your company, I know eight languages ??and I can be your translator on trips, I can lift a load of up to two and a half tons, – I almost choked again, not one of our bot did not possess such skills.
Harold and Rigi looked at each other excitedly – I can also be your close friend or lover, I can be a full-fledged sexual partner for you and your loved ones.
When she finished I put my hand on my face and looked at the testers, they too were shocked.
– Yes, I wish.
– Good.
– nodded girl.
I put my palms on her ripe breasts, they were elastic and damn nice to the touch.
Her warm palms slid over my body.
– What should I do? “First look at your mouth, stand on your knees and open it, okay? A nude droid knelt down and opened a beautiful mouth wide.
I unzipped my jeans and lowered them to the bottom, freeing the elastic member.
Slightly sweeping over Kii’s warm lips with my head, I plunged the pepper inside, she sat looking at me motionlessly.
– Come on, suck it up.
Kiya put her lips to her dick at the base, swallowing it completely, and taking her hands on my hips, began to move her head.
Suddenly I felt a strange sensation, it was a vacuum! real vacuum like a pump.
What she did with her mouth was just a masterpiece.
– Well, how? – asked Rigi. Cam anal hd.

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