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In this form, go to the meeting.
I try to depict calmness on my face, but this is given to me with great difficulty.
A mixture of fear, excitement and excitement mixed together.

Sasha, that is, Sir, was late.
I stood at a busy metro station, trying to draw attention to myself as little as possible, but some passengers passing by anyway saw an unusual attribute on my neck.
In order to fence oneself off from a multitude of views, I decided to cross my arms across my chest, foolishly, like sparrows.
But I did it when I heard it over my ear.
– Put your hands down and straighten your shoulders.
Here it is, a meeting.
Obey, the jacket again does not hide my secret.
Alexander came in front and greeted him in a friendly tone.
– Hello! – Hello! “How were you standing alone in the midst of a crowd of people wearing a collar?” – Very exciting, Sir.
– I arrived before you, but decided to see how you will cope here alone, wait for me.

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Now what do you do now.
Give me the leash.
For some reason my hands were shaking a little.
I extended my lord a chain.
“You worry,” he remarked, “calm down.”
What caused this excitement? – I can’t even say straight.
Excitingly all this, stand in front of everyone in the collar, and now also with the Lord.
– You do not like it? – On the contrary, very unusual feelings, pleasant.
Alexander groped the clasp and pulled it up, buttoning the jacket to the end, and gave a wide smile and ordered: – Relax! Let’s go 3
We reached a unique and bold museum rather quickly, talking about things that didn’t have anything to do with BDSM, Sasha talked about his family, how he was in the hospital and frankly missed his normal life full of adventures.
On his shoulder hung an impressive size bag with a camera and interchangeable lenses, flash.

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I thought about how he is not afraid to ride the subway with all of this, because they can push, touch a bag, the contents of which are estimated at more than one hundred thousand rubles.
It was warm in the museum, I had to take off my jacket altogether.
And again this sensation covered me in a wave, but this time I was not embarrassed, rather, on the contrary, I was ready for everyone to kneel before my companion.
Alexander noticed and grinned.
– Well, let’s go.
Campbell scott nude.

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