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Chaturbate online cam. Having finished the meal, which lasted about an hour, Marianna picked up a leather bag with a thin needle like a little finger and, dismissing the cord, shook its contents onto the bed while looking askance at Ilana.
Several thin straps and a leather lining with a pear-shaped gag fell out of the bag.
“Open your mouth, girl,” the Lady said gently, “I’ll shut him up for you.”
The pear-shaped plug slipped into the slave’s mouth, filling the entire cavity and pressing the tongue.

Marianne slowly tightened and fixed the clasp.
Ilana moaned softly and shook her head.

– Oh well! Do not be fancy! – The hostess said still tenderly, – You are a slave, and your mouth should be shut up.
Taking off the legs of the girl’s shackles, Marianna threw a thin belt over her ankles and, twisting her legs a couple of times, fastened it.
Then she tied her legs under her knees.
– And now we will attach this! – she picked up a long dick in the pimples.
Carefully parted the lips of the genital sponge, the lady drowned the penis in the vagina and pulled Ilana’s thighs with a wide strap with a loop into which the dummy had previously inserted.

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Looking around at the slave, she pulled the bag over her legs and tied the lace at her ankles.
Placing the slave on her stomach, Marianna, checking the strength of the belt on her wrists, tightened one more thin belt above the elbows.
Finally, she attached a thin chain to the collar.
The second end was fixed in the headboard.
Putting the girl on her side to face her, Marianna stroked her leg and pressed a small button sticking out of the member, which immediately began to quietly chatter and vibrate finely, irritating the womb of the slave, from which Ilana began to bend, softly moo and moan piteously.
Marianna covered the captive with a soft fluffy blanket and, kissing on the forehead, closed her eyes and soon fell asleep, not paying attention to the growing moans made by the slave excited by the vibrator inserted into her.
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