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The point is not that it is very beautiful.
Rather, everyone at this moment will stare at the salute.
When that moment came, I turned to Natsumi and clutched at her lips.

And again she did not even try to escape.
She hugged my head and enjoyed the kiss, thus giving me pleasure.
The fireworks lasted more than a minute, and all this time we kissed, stopping occasionally to take a breath.
Every second kiss felt my whole body trembling with pleasure.
Intertwining with her tongue, I felt all of her, enjoying the unforgettable process.
What a terrible feeling it was to go home after all this, knowing that fly away tomorrow.
maybe forever.
We walked together, embraced and were silent.
Most likely, we thought about the same thing.
And, most likely, the thoughts were sad.

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After we entered the house, Natsumi quietly called out to her parents.
Most likely, they were already asleep, as it was one o’clock in the morning, so they did not respond.
We immediately went upstairs where our rooms were.
It was a moment of truth.
causing a smile on her face.
Without answering, she kissed me herself.
I hugged her waist.
At first, rather gently, but then stronger.
My subconscious desire not to let her go from me did not allow me to uncouple the hands on her waist.
I pushed her a little bit and we rested against the wall.
The kiss was getting hotter, and I never thought to stop.
I lowered my hands a little and grabbed her buttocks.
Perhaps it was too much for the guest, but I did not control myself.
I pressed Natsumi with my whole body against the wall, firmly holding my ass, which I felt with my palms.

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God bless the creators of the yukata! It seemed to me that she was wearing only a night cotton dressing gown, so thin was this outfit.
Starting a little massage her ass, I started to get excited.
I didn’t answer and grabbed her mouth again.
If this yukata were not so long, I would have pulled it up to feel its buttocks with my fingers completely.
To my left was the door of my room.
I opened it with one hand and pulled Natsumi there.
I began to quickly push her toward my bed, and then, by knocking her down, I gained complete control over her whole body.
While continuing to kiss her lips, I slowly began to lift up the yukata with my right hand.
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