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The girl sighed shortly, and for a moment her sleepy eyes opened slightly, pressed my face to her thighs.
My birthday was nearing, and I was looking forward to it with great impatience, because I knew that my beloved Larisa was preparing a surprise for me.

With fantasy, as well as with a physique, she had everything in perfect order, so even years of living together did not allow our intimate relationships to come to a standstill and sink to the level of routine duty.
If you are reading my story from this part, I recommend reading the first two as evidence 🙂 Approximately two weeks before the momentous event Larisa once again became guilty, and, to my joy, seriously enough.
Returning home after the next shopping raid, she did not fit into the turn and thoroughly crushed the wing of the car, while she herself did not suffer at all.
According to our rules, fully set forth by me in the first part, Larissa had the right to postpone the punishment for several days up to a week or suggest that I replace it with a love game with the fulfillment of any of my desires not related to whipping.
Examining the damaged wing of the car, instead of estimating the cost of repairs, I considered possible options.

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Larisa, with all the views depicting complete submission, stood nearby.
Finally, I stood up straight to my full height and, glancing down at my beautiful wife, briefly outlined my conditions – stunning sex.
After giving her half an hour to prepare, I quickly took a shower, dried myself dry and, without dressing, slipped under the blanket in the bedroom.
Waiting for something unusual always turned me on very much, and my unit quickly got up on full combat readiness and opened the blanket, but I put up with it without touching it.
In order to distract himself, he took a magazine from the bedside table and went deep into his reading.
I managed to read half a page when the room started to turn off the light.
But he did not go out until the end.
Shrouded in a romantic twilight, I put the magazine aside and fixed my impatient gaze on the closed door, but it did not open.
Meanwhile, pleasant romantic music flowed out of the two speakers suspended from the ceiling, which I myself selected for this kind of moments.
The door swung open and a slim figure of my wife appeared in the doorway.
Above her outfit, she tried conscientiously: her luxurious dark brown hair lay on shoulders in a lush train, and her eyes were expertly highlighted

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by black fancy leather glasses and without glasses.
Graceful wrists adorned two gold bracelets, presented to me by her birthday.
High breasts were hidden behind a black leather bra that was unbuttoned at the back of the neck, and on the luxurious thighs thin snakes stretched symbolic strings holding a tiny piece of fabric on her Venus tubercle. Dana delany live nude girls.

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