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They pushed my hands behind my back and something hard, iron and cold touched my wrists, and so it remained there.
Evening came.
They lifted me from the ground and led me to the nearest shop.

There one of them sat down and freed his dick.
For the first time in my life I saw such a member.
He was huge.
The one that held me tilted forward and I put my nose to his cock.
Then the one who sat, squeezed my nose, from the lack of oxygen I opened my mouth.
Which immediately took the one that sat.
His cock was in my mouth.
I screamed and wanted to step back, but he held my head.
In the meantime, another man lifted his skirt onto his back and pulled off his underpants.
Began to caress my vagina.
Then he unbuttoned his blouse and freed his chest from his bra.
The other fucked me in the mouth but not much.
After a while, pleasant pleasure was felt in the lower abdomen.
Then one said to another: Hey Max, our bitch is ready! So let’s act. After that, I felt something of flesh and blood touching my sexual lips and at the same instant a dazzling pain pierced my body.
I’m trying to break free, but in vain they hold me tight.
When the pain subsides, I feel something walk inside me evenly.
I feel pleasure and start podmahivat him, to sit down deeper.
Ohhh, our bitch tasted taste for sex! After a while he accelerates, freaking my poor girl, and I feel that he shot deep into me.

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Almost immediately ends Maxim, a couple of times deeply put my mouth on my penis.
I crush, but I swallow his sperm A good bitch! Yeah, especially the mouth! Come on, you fuck her in the mouth, and I work out her ass.
Agreed Sergey.
When a member leaves my mouth, I say: I beg you! Only not in the ass! Anywhere, but not in it !!! And nobody asks you a bitch – said Sergey and painfully slaps me on the ass.
I dutifully shut up.
Before me sit Sergey and I dutifully take a member in her mouth.
At the same time, the pain pierces my ass.
I mumble and try to escape, but they do not allow.
This pain was even worse than if I was fucked in the vagina.
I try to get my hands up to my vagina and calm the pain in my ass.
But since my hands are constrained, this is not very good for me.
Finally, Max guesses inserting fingers into the vagina.
And they begin to crack them there! Soon they both end up at me.
I cum with them and lose consciousness.
I woke up on the bench.
A powerful orgasm covers me, and I moan.
Because, my vagina and chest, fingers caressed Maxim.
My hands lay quietly on the bench, the handcuffs were removed from them.
Oh woke up our beauty! – said Sergey Now work, baby! – Max said, dropping me to the ground on his knees and giving his unit in my use.
I grabbed his hands and started licking and sucking dick.
Then she took it in her mouth and began to stick her mouth mouth, on the unit.
Soon I felt that something was missing.
Then I, without ceasing to suck a member, first pulling the clitoris with sexual lips, and then introduced the fingers inside the vagina.
And they began to screw them there.
We finished at the same time! He was discharged on my face and chest, it is worth noting that by that time I had only white

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socks left on me, all the rest of the clothes had been removed. Dirty sexy money season 1 online.

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