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I coordinated her candidacy with the rest of the management, everyone approved her very much.
– Approved? – that is, all my colleagues have already reviewed the erotic pictures of my wife and know what she wants to do.
– Yes, they did.

We are glad that such a beautiful woman can work with us.
And besides, clever, will be able to talk with clients on various topics, and not only physically serve, so to speak.
So I was told that if you do not mind, then they use two hands “for”.
I imagined with what persons they said it, how they longed to enjoy the body of my girl, which I carried in my arms, with which they never allowed even hints of frivolity.
“Well, make it out,” I said to Mazaykina, and at that very second I realized that I had burned the last bridge of my former life.
– Yes, Sergey Sergeyevich.

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You tell Dashula that I will wait for her with a medical certificate.
Well, you yourself, you see, it is so supposed that no venous diseases and all that.
– Well, I will, – and felt the difference in attitude towards my wife.
After all, before Mazeykin called her solely by her patronymic name, and then “Dashulya”.
And soon all my colleagues will call her that way, discussing to whom and how she sucked, to whom she gave.
– Are you satisfied? – I asked my wife.
– Yes, my sweet, – she beckoned me with her finger, – Come, lick my pussy with your tongue, she is so tired for these days.
And while I was doing her a cunnilingus, Dasha, smacking his lips, sucked at Michael.
Am I happy at this moment? Yes, no doubt.
It was as if a huge load fell from my shoulders.
No more masks, no need to pretend.

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I became what I really was – a cuckold.
My wife does not hide from me that she is a whore.
Soon, everyone will know about it.
What will happen next? Will we live happily ever after? I dont know.
I know one thing – I’m happy now.
At that moment, the husband’s cock slipped out of the vagina and poked hard into the relaxed anus.
The head darted to the full depth, slightly stopped by the reflexively compressed sphincter, and then, when the muscle relaxed, slowly crawled along the rectum, pulling thick and ribbed black behind it.
“Get my sweet nipple” – thought Roman, feeling a sharp attack of rolled pleasure.
Resting against the bend of the rectum, his dick pulsed, throwing out hot streams of male semen.
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