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They looked at each other.
Sveta suddenly leaned over and kissed her.
On the lips.

– What are you doing.
– Polina’s weak, slightly frightened voice whispered, heart beat dully, and a blush instantly appeared on her cheeks.
What’s happening? It can not be! A friend did not answer her, digging in a new passionate kiss on her lips and wrapped her arms around her.
Holding her breath, Polina responded to this kiss.
Easy, without any effort.
Her own reaction just hit her.
A pleasant shiver ran through my body, my head spinning.
Sveta possessed sexual magnetism, which in a strange way beckoned and attracted.
Panting with passion, Sveta began to kiss her neck, while whispering quickly: “Fields, my dear.”
just keep quiet
Hear that.

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Just trust me.
Polina nodded and their lips merged again in a kiss, and their tongues entwined and spun in a joint dance for a while.
Then Sveta began to unbutton the buttons on her dress – to cover with kisses her blown-up breasts with swollen nipples.
Polina moaned in full voice, losing all composure.
Light crawled from her lower and lower, and her face was between her legs.
And she quickly and passionately began to panties with a friend, getting rid of the last obstacle – immediately walked her tongue along the entire slit of her smooth-shaven well-groomed vagina.
Polina shook.
Feeling a wet, tender tongue between her legs, she leaned back on the couch, closed her eyes and gave herself up to new unknown feelings.
Feeling the running fingers in her vagina, Polina blinked in fright, however, immediately spread her trembling thighs wider, so that her perineum was now fully opened to her guests.

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All the new fingers followed the first fingers – Polina felt a strong and fast movement of the fingers folded into one edge in her crotch up and down with an ever accelerating pace.
Within minutes of the manipulation of her friend, Polina could not understand where she was and what was happening, but, despite the complete sense of her own helplessness, she wanted to finish – she knew for sure that her body began to rhythmically move towards this imperious tenacious hand.
The girl gave herself back and forth, trying to implant herself deeper.
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