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“Well, in that case, I’ll have to yell at you every day at lectures to apologize for that.”
– Ori: – and I kissed her again.
– Agreed! – Julia smiled – Bring wine !!! And I went for a tray.

Having spent the whole days of my student holidays at the computer, I felt very bored, I did not know what to do with myself.
I thought up an occupation: I sat in one of the social networks, wandered through the pages of users and girls who were cute to me, gave marks, in the end some of them wrote to me, we got to know and talked.
I often forgot who gave marks, because there were dozens of girls a day, only a few wrote to me.
In the evening a girl wrote to me: – Hello! Thank you for grading! Do we know each other? – No, not familiar, but you are cute to me and I could not pass by! – Oh, how cute)) I ran over her page.
The girl was 28 years old.
She was a brunette, her hair just below the shoulders, her hips were rather lush, she herself was not thin, but she couldn’t be called full.
Hit the fourth size breast.
Judging by the photos, she had a child and a husband.
We talked that evening.
It turned out that the child is almost two years old, the husband works far from home, on duty, so he comes once every three months, stays at home for about a month and leaves again.
She is jealous of her, always controls her, calls her home phone, and if she doesn’t fit, then immediately scandal.

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By midnight we had already talked, including on intimate topics.
She complained that she did not have sex, her husband was not already two months.
Well, I complained that sex was last time in early April, and the end of June in the yard.
Then we started talking, that we like sex, in men, women.
She said that she wanted to take some time off from the hustle and bustle, but could not leave the house in the evening because she was constantly checking her husband.
Before going to sleep, she asked to advise her some interesting film.
A little thought, I wrote to look “bad guys.”
– And where was Martin Lawrence starring? – she quickly wrote.
– No, he was not filmed there! – Argue for konyak ?! – Come on! Then I got a reference from Wikipedia to this film.
My trick worked! Now I have to meet her to pass the brandy! – Well, when to bring a bottle? – Come tomorrow night, if you are free – Yes, free, but how much exactly? – The clock at 11 pm, if it’s not difficult for you. I understood what she was driving at.
– Well, if you are not going to sleep, then come on.
– I will not, but bear in mind that I will not drink brandy myself, I need a company, so that I will take 2 more lemons along the way

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, we will sit down, I will leave small with my grandmother.
The next day I woke up for dinner, ran to the store for a good bottle of brandy, bought some lemon and more fruit.
He sat for a while on the Internet, and when it struck, 22:00 went to the shower, put on a clean T-shirt, jeans and grabbed a bag with all the contents went to her.
My dick was in unreal tension, I realized that today would be a funny night.
Exactly at 23:00 I was at the address left to her.
I called her mobile and said that I was at the door, she asked to dial the apartment number on the intercom and she would open it. Free live sex chat with indian girls.

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