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Snappy while her mouth was free.
I got up.
and collected all the velvet (towel: note.

At the same time, I had a view of her pink, wonderful womb and the look of a magic petal (anus, they compared the anus with the petals of an ancient flower: note.
I could not resist and ran to her.
He ordered to remain in the same position.
She put her hands on the shelves and helpfully spread her legs.
I slowly entered her.
Her bosom was narrow.
It seems her bosom, for a long time no one took.
I struggled through the hot flesh, began to moan nimblely and moved my beautiful round buttocks myself.
The other three, I ordered to stand in the same position next to her.
Penetrating into the bosom of each, I noted that each had a narrow one.
I suddenly felt sorry for them.
It will be necessary to put a guard on their chambers, with strong masculine strength (potency: note.
I went around five or six times, then told me to sit on my knees and stick out the tongues.
My juice was enough for everyone I looked up from the diary and looked at Luda.

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I needed to blow off steam.
Otherwise, I will not be able to read further.
She slept face up again.

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I pulled off her blanket.
And he began to stroke her breasts.
He stroked with his fingertips, making circular motions.
She still slept sweetly.
Although her breathing became fast.
I lay on her.
Spread his legs and gently entered into it.
With my movement, she gradually revived, started to moan, but still slept.
You know that when a person sleeps, his environment acts on his sleep.
If a sleeping person whispers in your ear, you fly, you fly.
That in a dream he will actually fly.
Dreams have one good quality, to adapt to the situation.
When I started to stroke her breasts.
In her dream, for a second, a situation developed where she met someone, and how they sit, say, in a restaurant, then go to her home, start kissing, then he undresses her, caresses her breasts, lays on the bed and enters her
I pushed the pelvis even faster, finally she opened her eyes.
Imagine how nice it is, having sex in a dream, waking up, and the dream goes on and on.
She looked at me with sparks in her eyes, pulled me to her and asked: – Stronger and faster, She finished me before.
I finished it, five seconds later.
I slowly got off her.
It is not strange, she fell asleep again.
I covered her, stroked her head, kissed her lips.
He wished pleasant dreams, although he knew, consciously she did not hear me anymoreAfter bathing.
I went to the room where I work on secret knowledge.
In the doorway, between the stones, is my hiding place.
There, I keep the potion that the court magicians made according to the Sumerian recipe.
I drank some of this potion.
For a few minutes, it will restore my masculine energy.
When, I put the potion back into the cache. Free online interactive sex games.

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