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I can not write further.
The folder got wind of me and locked me up.
I did not have time to say goodbye, nor to take the coordinates, fool, such a debilator.

The folder did not know, of course, what and how, but my shoots stopped under the pretext of malaria – they say, the epidemic on the island.
What is malaria for the devil ???.
I do not know either the name or the phone, I don’t even have a photo.
I hate my father.
I hate everybody.
And myself too.
Well – now I will cry until the morning.
Nafig I wrote it all ???.
George did not read them.
With a trembling hand, he poked at the touchscreen, scrolled up the page, opened the profile, and began typing the letter.
His hands scurried around the keyboard at a breakneck pace, clinging to the adjacent keys.
He typed words, phrases, paragraphs, erased them, cursed and typed again, from scratch, and so – many, many times, until he exhausted and sent a letter blindly, without reading, and did not lean back in his chair, and breathed greedily , deep, to the red circles in the eyes, thinking of Kisse and the great mercy of the wise old man.
– P.
– Five.
– Alive.
– They will.

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Helen’s birthday has come.
She woke up as if nothing had happened.
– Hello Elena – Good morning, Mr. – How did you sleep? – Very well – Wait for me here.
I’ll be back soon – Good Boss.
Alex left the room.
She was left alone to sit on the cold floor.
Her little friends and servants of Alex came.
Devils and teletubbies.
– Hello Elena happy birthday! – they shouted in unison.
– Thank you guys! I’m so glad you came.
I completely forgot about my birthday.
– Yes, not

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every day turns 18 years old – said Alex.
– Yes you are right.
– Happy birthday Elena.
Come with me I want to tell you something.
Guys can sit and relax.
– Yes OK.
They came to a beautiful garden.
Bushes grew in the shape of a circle.
It was like a wall.
And inside was a beautiful shop made of gold.
Instead of grass there was marble tile.
In the middle was a beautiful fountain.
On the vines sat and sang birds.
Dragonflies and butterflies flew.
There was silence.
– Elena, today I am going to have a grand party in honor of your birthday.
– But.
– And not what but.
Everything is already decided and cooked.
I chose a dress for you, but I don’t know if you will like it.
Once you liked them.
It lies in your bedroom.
Watch it – Thank you, thank you very much !! – she kissed him on the cheek and ran into the bedroom with a smile on her face.
The dress was lush pink.
On Elena, it looked just gorgeous.
She liked it.
She could not imagine a better birthday.
It was like a beautiful fairy tale.
After what happened to Elena, she could not imagine what could be so happy.
She again began to smile and enjoy every day.
Alex has changed her whole life.
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