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But it was associated with travel around the area.
She left the day at 3-4.
And I was alone.

Under the supervision of the same aunt Vali.
The story I want to tell and happened on one of her trips.
I must say that I was involved in sports, not kachek (then there was no such word yet), but I already had the title of CCM in swimming.
In my years, I looked pretty adult.
Aunt Valya came home late, about eleven at night.
Celebrated someone’s birthday at her work.
I have not slept yet.
Lying and reading a book.
It came to put it mildly.
Honestly, she could barely stand.
Not to say that she often appeared like that, but it happened.
Here we must take into account: the mother was not at home, and she had to come only in a day.
Baba Styura, went for a couple of days with her husband to her sister.
Kohl’s neighbor appeared in the apartment only after a binge, slept, eaten off and disappeared again.
In fact, in the apartment we were alone with Aunt Valley.
Aunt Valya long rattled the keys in the corridor, but could not open the room.
Her lock was broken, and replacing it at that time without having a man was a problem.
So she went into our room and asked me to help her open the door.
I had helped her to do it before, so there was nothing criminal about it.
I pulled on my tights and went to open the door.
org) I took about five minutes, but opened it.
Aunt Valya rather kissed me not childishly and began, with drunken perseverance, to invite me to come and eat tasty food.
She took out a chocolate bar, a couple of tangerines, cookies.
Then a bottle of “Lemonade” appeared; she poured herself a glass of some wine.

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While I drank a soda with cookies, she drank wine.
It was clearly redundant.
She was completely unhappy and she was cut off right at the table.
I did not immediately understand what had happened.
Tried to push her, but where there.
She just muttered without opening her eyes.
Then I decided to put her on the bed.
I managed it with difficulty.
While I was dragging her from the table to the bed, the buttons on her blouse were unbuttoned and she pushed up to the neck, her skirt slid down to her knees.
Having laid her on the bed, I wanted to leave, but my gaze rested on a brown nipple, got out of the bra.
The longer I looked at him, the harder it was for me to look away from him.
Then I spotted everything else.
White, belly breathing steadily from breath, blue panties, with black hair knitted around the edges.
From above swimming trunks a pink stocking belt with elastic bands and stockings.
One down to the knee, hooked his skirt, the second something as strapped to the belt.
She lay on her back spreading her arms and spreading her legs slightly.
From this spectacle my virgin organ reared! Tights bulged and belly down for itching.
My heart beat like a hammer in my ears.
I quickly looked around, but there was complete silence in the apartment, broken only by our breathing.
Unable to restrain myself, I stretched out my hand and touched two fingers to the nipple that attracted my view.
It was warm to the touch and when I gently squeezed it, it began to harden under my hand.
Aunt Valya lay like a log and did not move.
I pulled my hand away and turned quickly, pulled the curtains on the window and literally flew out of her room.
As on the machine, I returned to my room, took off my leotard and went to bed.
You can say I was banging.
My “boyfriend” was cramped in his underpants, and he tried to break them and go to the “will”.
After lying for about five minutes, I suddenly realized that I had not turned off the light in Aunt Vali’s room.
I wake up.
On cotton feet came back.
And again I was “stuck.”
I looked

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at the woman lying motionless, quietly snuffling, so accessible and forbidden.
How much did I stand there? I do not know.
The desire to learn the forbidden was stronger than upbringing.
I walked over and shook Aunt Valya by the shoulder. Guy live streams sex on facebook with girls father tagged.

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