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I froze.
“You can’t swallow,” ordered the demon, “now go to your sister and do what I ordered!” Unable to resist the spell, I got up from my knees and, turning, left the room.
My sister was lying on the sofa in a striped pajamas in front of the TV and watched some stupid series.

She paid me no attention at all to enter me.
In two steps, I approached her, knelt on the sofa, and took her head with both hands, carefully looking into her eyes.
My sister looked at me in surprise, not understanding what caused such actions.
Having closed my eyes, I poked my lips into my sister’s lips, pulled out my tongue, parted their lips

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with them and released all the sperm from my mouth that the demon had given to me.
A second passed in utter silence, and I heard her, in obedience to a desire that was not clear to her, swallowed the seed of the demon.
From now on, her will was suppressed.
– Irina, – I whispered hotly, – You do not shout, you can not shout.
There is such a thing, in general, I have to fuck you.
Her sister’s eyes widened, she wanted to rebel, but could not squeeze a word out of herself.
My hands began to unbutton my pajamas.

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Two milky white breasts with pink small nipples fell out to meet me.
I gently squeezed them with my palms and, bending down, pulled one nipple with my lips.
– What’s happening? – scared whispered sister, – What is wrong with me? Why can’t I resist? “Sorry, this is all magic,” I said simply, pushing my sister on my back and pulling off her pajama pants.
There was no panties on her sister, and I saw her beautiful pink pussy framed by short red fluffy hairs.
– I can not fuck! – the sister whispered excitedly, – I am still a virgin! – Pancake.
Yes, I do not want to fuck you, I was ordered by a demon! – I replied, freeing my penis from clothes.
Spreading my sister’s legs with my hands, I began to run my fingers over her sexual lips, trying to arouse her at least a little.
– Do not! Do not! – the sister began to cry, the body did not obey her, – I don’t really ask you! Don’t fuck me! You are my brother! I can not with you! “I understand everything,” I replied. “But I also have no control over myself.”
I have to fuck you! – Not in pussy! Don’t go there! – asked sister, biting her lip.
This thought did not occur to me.
Really, what’s the difference where to fuck.
And save sister virginity is desirable.
I turned my sister on her stomach, spread her legs and put a pillow under her hips.
After which he gently parted her buttocks.
A little thought, I leaned over and licked her ass, trying to lubricate the dry hole with saliva.
From the touch of the tongue to the anus, my sister started.
Quickly smearing my dick with saliva, I put the head on the sphincter and gently pressed.
A member did not go in and began to slide on the ass. Hairy naked male models.

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