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After the recent unspoken, but already understood by all, recognition, she began to behave quite differently.
Pointing her finger at high-rise buildings, towering at the other end of the field, covered with dark blue grass, Shadri asked the question: – Do you see that? All squad members turned to look.
At first glance, nothing unusual was observed.

“Well, we see,” said Daniel impatiently, while the others nodded in sync.
“The rainbow district,” the commander replied exhaustively.
The next morning, Lucky was already walking along the edge of a wide avenue, keeping in the shadow of houses, without losing any caution, however, and verifying every step, following the ancient saying “God protects you.”
All through the night, he stood on the very edge of the bright yellow floor, periodically looking at the worms sluggishly creeping towards him, dying on the very border of non-standard colors: according to expectations, the floor was deadly poisonous, and Treffer covered with cold sweat when something tingling in his tired legs .
Wet slaps and the absolute darkness of the night, coupled with a catastrophic lack of sleep made him much more indifferent to his own fate.
It was suicide to walk in this state, the hunter looked all the way up the nearest buildings in search of a safe haven.
Unfortunately, nothing even remotely resembling a comfortable bedroom was waiting for him here and did not shine with a bright neon sign like “Come in, oh, lucky one!”.
Mood even more strongly lifted the bag full of holes over the shoulder, which he inadvertently left at the mercy of the worms.
A special cynicism of the situation gave the lack of food.
A sudden jolt under his feet gave Treffer a weak acceleration.
In one motion, the hunter threw a few pieces of iron from his arsenal with a fan, reached the nearest one in long jumps, and collapsed on the asphalt.

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Covering his head with his hands, Lucky dreamed of a good mock at the author of the name “solid earth”.
“Most likely, we teleported while dragging through the forest, holding hands,” suggested Eress, scratching the back of his head.
Tired more than others yesterday, the archer fell asleep on his backpack, and when he woke up, he found himself peacefully resting his head on a hefty cobblestone that the Indian used yesterday as a bench.
Now in his skull was buzzing, as in an empty cast-iron pot, and his whole appearance prompted the detachment to immediately fall back to sleep.
Shadri, subtly feeling his “fighting” attitude, slapped him on his backpack, setting off on a journey and trying to cheer up a soldier of good luck: – But don’t worry, Winner! Imagine that you will tell the girls later.
Olta has already minced next to the hunter, clinging to her much more densely than necessary, and occasionally touching her shoulder.
At such moments, the girl’s face was lit up with a happy smile.
– Torches.
there are torches.
– while on the move, Maanat was rummaging in a duffel bag, making another inventory.
The veteran was anxious about his things, knowing how close their relationship with his life was.
– You’re somewhere over the horizon.
– purred on the move Shadri.
The squad did not have time to wonder how many ancient songs lurked in the mysterious depths of its steel eyes.
– You’re somewhere out there above the gold.
shackles? – The hunter finished uncertainly, looking around.
The growing sense of anxiety hurricane blew out of her all desire to sing.
Only now the adventurer noticed that the alarm began to implicitly put pressure on her subconscious mind half an hour ago.
– That is, we at one moment slipped about forty kilometers through the 14th? Nehilo cut.
– You know, Rybak, you would have tried to rejoice in silence, – Olta looked back.
– Imagine how you would have fun now, if we were somewhere in the middle of a flock of night creatures.
– I am glad that we were not somewhere, but in the very best place.
If it were not for a couple of cubs, the night would be just gorgeous! – the enthusiasm for once-slept Daniel was truly inexhaustible.
– Imagine, even when I was studying, twenty years ago, one

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of my friends, a fool, argued that night wolves were powerful telepaths.
We were ready to argue.
– Introducing! – snarled Shadri, cutting off the flow of eloquence.
– Running! – She roared again, setting an example. Hertz3000 bongacams.

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