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The brick private house was suspended above it by its three floors, peering out from behind an iron fence.
Grinding his key in the high gate, Karim threw it wide open, and, roughly grabbing Catherine by the arm, pulled him inside.
Behind her, she heard the sound of a departing car – we agreed on everything without her.

Squeaking grievously, the door of the house slammed shut behind Karim and Catherine, cutting off that path to escape (“Although what kind of escape there is, have mercy” – she grinned at herself).
In the spacious room opposite the window there was a wide sofa, and there were three men on it – muscular and skin-headed, with naked torsos.
Their faces, it seemed to Catherine, were not too disfigured by their intellect.
Karim sat in a chair next to him, and Catherine had nowhere to sit.
– Do you undress yourself or help? – threw her Karim

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– Not a cripple yet, I can handle it.
The beige coat went on a hanger, and Catherine remained in a skirt and blouse.
She felt four gazes upon herself as her fingers ran along a row of buttons, spreading them out.
Under the blouse was a red lace bra that supports her rather big breasts.

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A man with tattooed arms, sitting closest to Karim, covered his groin with his hand.
“Throw rags on the floor,” ordered Karim.
A soft skirt flew to the floor after the blouse; then Catherine took off her shoes and pulled off her pantyhose, remaining in front of four men in red underwear.
A belated sense of shame crept into her thoughts, and she froze in confusion.
The man sitting in the middle of the couch got up and, going up to Catherine, took hold of her bra strap, pulled it off and let go.
The woman gasped, and a soft red mark remained on her skin from the click.
– A bit old woman.
– Yes, she is normal, in my opinion, – the tattooed from the couch responded.
They talked about her like a thing, like a mare, and that was disgusting to her.
“These guys will fuck you up like the last whore,” Karim responded to her thoughts.
“I already guessed that we were not here to discuss high fashion,” Catherine smiled grimly.
– Hear, red-lip slut? I hired these guys.
I had to pay them to agree to fuck you.
– I do not know why you called impotent, who have only loot, not women, but your work.
In response to this bold remark, standing next to Catherine, the jock weighed her a biting slap.
– So her, Max! – Karim laughed.
Max wound Catherine’s hair into his fist and nuzzled her with his nose in his armpit, covered with thick black hair.
“Lick properly, you cheeky fuck,” he growled.
The taste and smell of someone else’s sweat were disgusting to Catherine, but she licked diligently – and felt like a straining cock tucked into her thigh.
“It would be better if I were impotent,” the woman thought wistfully. Hidden cam sex in the beach.

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