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Our mountain tribes often participated in battles where they lost their husband and son – my father and mother, her hands shook badly on the nerves of her, although she was 50 and I was only 12 turned, taught me in the evenings mathematics, writing, reading.
My grandmother was still an adult nephew who very rarely visited us and brought medicine and everything that grandmother asked for.
, I asked for an anesthetic ointment, the skin on my callused palms cracked and sore, it does not heal for a long time.

Not finding the right ointment for a quick, he took a jar of ordinary cream and poured a bag of gerych (heroin), mixed it carefully and brought it as a strong anesthetic for external use, and in return took a couple of sheep.
Ointment really relieved pain.
My grandmother, noticing that I didn’t eat dinner and refused to have breakfast, asked strictly why I don’t eat what’sn’t tasty, not at all, I’m sick.
, and went to the toilet, and yesterday and today, but it does not work.
, grandmother commanded – on her knees, threw a pad in front of me – her head on the pillow, going in from behind took off her shorts at each other, freeing her legs – spread her legs wider. Hot gay webcam sex.

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