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Vika felt her chest tighten under the fabric of the dress and a small drop of grease appeared somewhere in the depths of her womb.
But time passed and Victoria made another attempt.
This time, the member, though reluctantly reluctant, still squeezed inside Vika, which made her even moan slightly – a mixture of pain and a feeling of fullness had its charm.

Vick glanced at the clock – two minutes.
And then it dawned on her – the last floor of the building was filled with some kind of crap and was always closed.
But the stairs led there! And there was never anyone on this staircase.
Hell, even Victoria herself rose there only once – out of sheer curiosity.
Realizing that time was short, the girl took off her panties and jumped out of the toilet, pushing them into her purse as she went.
Climb up to three floors – almost a run, and even holding the phallus, which strove to slip.
To assess the situation – Vika did not notice a soul around, although the voices and the sound of footsteps on the stairs seemed too close.
Then Vika acted on pure intuition.
She leaned over the railing, lifted the skirt from behind, lowered her mobile phone lower, looked around for Oksana to see her face, and took a photo.
Looking at the clock Vika panicked – there were a few seconds before the bell.
The photo went slowly.
So slow.
The bell rang, and only after a few seconds, Victoria saw the message sent message on the small screen.
Hoping that Oksana would not notice, Vika took out a member from herself and, while running, thrusting him into her purse, rushed to her audience.
Somewhere halfway, the call was interrupted and I had to pause.
We will assume that she did, ”Oksana said dryly into the phone and disconnected.
Damn you, ”she murmured softly, swallowing the tears coming.

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The corridors are already empty.
Victoria spent a few minutes trying to cope with her emotions.
Now that everything was over, shame came.
Brightly rose in the memory of the picture.
The picture in which Victoria took a sex toy in her mouth, without even noticing it, possessed particular clarity.
She simultaneously aroused and repelled.
Attracts and suppressed.
Victoria did not understand what turns into.
Even last week, she would never have run along the corridors like that, trying to make a vulgar photo by any means.
And now it happened so naturally.
As soon as Oksana announced her order and the whole essence of Vicky, she went into its implementation.
And what frightened Victoria the most was that she liked it.
And now, with a fair delay, excitement surged.
A light touch of lust, rather from the awareness of their actions than from their performance.
Even for Oleg, Victoria would never have taken such photos.
Even just to show him with the words: “I did it for you!” And then delete it.
And now made them for some stranger, and even experienced some kind of perverted pleasure from it.
The bell rang a long time ago, it was empty in the corridors.
So, Vika took out her panties from her purse and, glancing around and making sure that there was no one, put them on and went to the audience, on the move came up with an explanation of why she was late.
Yet she went to the pet with most teachers and did not want to spoil this impression shortly before the exams.
But as it turned out, this was not the end of her adventures

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As soon as she left the uni, she heard the sound of a signal.
Having thrown up Vika’s head, she saw a huge silver jeep standing nearby and, internally shuddering, headed for him.
Sit down, ”said Oksana in an icy tone, opening the door.
Victoria understood by tone that the mood of her tormentor was not the best.
She had a displeased grimace on her face, there was a chill in her eyes, her hands on the steering wheel impatiently tapped on some complicated rhythm.
The girl gathered her will into a fist, shoved her fear deep and climbed onto the passenger seat.
And as soon as Vika slammed the door, Oksana immediately without any warning threw back the hem of Victoria’s dress and rudely walked through the fabric of her panties.
Also in shorts, – she said disgustingly twisting her face.
– Take off.
I didn’t want to argue with Oksana, anyway, and now she was catching up pretty much on Vika, forcing her to shrink, trying to occupy less space. How to watch sex movies online.

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