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I do not want you to crap one’s pants.
“and my mother replied:” Thank you, Tanechka, I really want to, but you need to have time to get home! “.
And when they were sitting in the car, Tanya counted the stations, and repeated to herself: “Lord, please make my mother have time.”

And then my mother sighed heavily, and Tanya was scared.
She counted only up to three, and they had to leave at the fifth station in a row.
And then mom said: “Mommy is very bad, you have to go outside right now.”
Tanya followed her mom, and she wanted to cry and call someone to help, to say that her mom was bad, and all these people around her seemed callous and indifferent.
And then mom said that they needed to run as quickly as possible, and Tanya barely kept her little baby feet behind her mom, but did not complain because she understood that her mom was bad and now more than ever she should obey and not be capricious.
They climbed on the escalator, Tanya was a step lower than her mother, and then she thought that her mom had a little knob on the poppy trousers: When she got up, Mom went to the attendant and said that she urgently needed a toilet.
Severe aunt said that she had no right to let outsiders into the office space.
Mom asked her very much, almost begged her, and the aunt said that she would call the senior shift now, and if she did, she would.
Tanya remembers

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how Mommy stood then, leaning against the wall, how she held herself up behind her hands and begged to hurry and let her go.
She remembers how her mother’s tears rolled down her cheek, and that Tanya could not stand it, and started screaming at her aunt that she was evil, bad, and that her mother would now break in her pants if she would not let her go to the toilet.
And only then the aunt, frightened by the scandal, led them somewhere along the corridor and led her mother to the toilet.

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And when they later walked down the street, my mother said: “Thank you, daughter.
You really saved your mommy today.
I’ll buy you a good toy, because you have the nicest. ”
And Tanya was very easy and pleasant at heart, and I wanted to say that she did not need any gifts.
But, after some thought, she still asked if her mother would buy a big doll.
Mom then smiled and said: “We’ll just go home, mommy will change clothes, and buy it today.
But only with one condition! “” With what? “- Tanya asked then.
“That you will never tell anyone, anyone about what happened to Mommy,” “Of course, I promise that I will not tell anyone.
Only dad can tell? “- Tanya presented how she boasts to dad that saved mom today, and he will praise her for it.
“What are you saying,” Mom protested.
“You should never tell the pope!” “Why?” – Tanya was a little upset.
“Because men should not be aware that women are cocoa,” Mom replied, “Why?” – Tanya did not let up.
“Because if a man finds out that a woman goes to the toilet, he will think badly of her.
“But you are going to the toilet at home, and dad knows about it,” she asked, “so why can’t he tell?” “Because, my daughter, at home is one thing, and if dad finds out about today almost happened, then he can stop loving mom.
It’s one thing when mom goes to the toilet at home, and another when she almost crap herself in the subway today.
And an adult, especially an adult woman, is not allowed.
“” But everything ended well? “, – said Tanya.
“Thanks to you, daughter, good.
Otherwise, my mother would be a shame for life.
But it would be better if you don’t tell anyone about this, not even Dad. ”
Tanya kept her word, and, I confess, within a week I completely forgot about that incident.
Now she was driving in the car, well, even though there are few people at such a time, and you can safely get a seat.
How quickly the years fly by – then she was five years old, and twenty-one years later she remembered, in all the smallest details, the case with her mother.
Now she is no longer a girl herself: What can I say (sad thoughts once again got into my head), just an inconspicuous, drunk girl going home and at the same time madly wanting to go to the toilet.
Only there is no one to save her, you only need to rely on yourself.
Two drunken men came to the “Star”, and, fortunately for Tanya, sat down at the other end of the car and did not look in her direction.
In truth, she was already very hard to ride in this state.
She fidgeted, twitched, and could not sit comfortably.
The driver announced: “Be careful, the doors are closing.
Next station “Moscow”.
The train picked up speed and knocked loudly with wheels, drove into a noisy tunnel. Indian models who went nude.

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