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She knelt down.
At this moment from the speakers poured unearthly.
Extraterrestrial was a duet from a barely audible guitar chime and a dry Sufi wind instrument.

It was no longer just fog, but thick gray smoke floated around the room, she was shaking and shaking her head.
Then it is not known how she was sitting on the plexus of his legs, Putting her own, bent in the knees behind him.
His eyes glittered strangely, he was in no hurry to kiss her or hug her.
His face was surprisingly calm.
Then a scene was played out from the end of Amelie (as it looked to her), he put one of his long knobby, but youthful soft fingers on his eye, on his cheek, his triangular lips, she hardly tore her head from the frozen air and touched them lifeless lips
Upper lip fell into

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the angular embrace of his lips, which turned out to be unexpectedly soft.
1 second and they parted.
It was his turn.
He covered her lips with short, gentle, slightly shaking kisses.
He kissed her with his lips, it was like quiet school games with the best friend in “husband and wife”, that holy awe of the unknown miracle of a kiss.
The lips parted quite a bit, their tender, slightly damp “inside” was beginning to be felt.
Breath was caught and released.
The game lasted forever.
He began to gently lay on his back, she tried to hold his breath in his mouth when her fingers stuck into his fragrant, feminine soft hair, she suddenly wanted a real burning kiss, and it was she who stuck the tongue deep into his mouth, trying feel the fresh taste of its saliva.
This unexpected penetration caused him to turn her sharply on her back and begin to dig into her fragile neck before the pain in her lips.
Her blouse ripped up and she made the wrong decision to fix it.
At that moment, the decalte was very temptingly exposed (this was when she was still hoping to stop, naive), and he gladly set about her sweet soft knolls, squeezing the skin with moist lips, but not the hard, painful gland inside the breast.

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Gently, silently, slowly moved his fingers to the edge of the jacket and bra down, finally exposing her pink little nipple.
She closed her eyes when he took it in his mouth and felt a piercing sensation like an electric current, which a person experiences just dreaming of a kiss when it comes as if from the inside of a human body.
He caressed her nipples insanely with soft fingers, continuing to moisturize the silky skin of her stomach, when he reached the zipper of jeans, she in the last despair clutched at the zipper, with unbending fingers.
Warm, insane waves of pleasure followed, his tongue and lips caressing his nerves rising up to his neck and to attentive, half open lips kissing kisses, dropping to a soft stomach, waist curves, the tips of his soft fingers did not leave the tips of her quivering, pulsating nipples.
It was unbearable, a squeezed palm sore from tension.
Finally, he himself was tired and impressed in a whisper penetrating the skin, “Please, let me kiss, Just let me kiss you,” her crooked fingers opened at the sound of that insinuating voice.
Finally undressing her, he himself took off his T-shirt.
She almost did not feel his cautious oblizovanizatsii the inner side of her thighs, but when his tongue first touched her clitoris, she almost screamed from the surprise and freshness of this touch.
He was in no hurry to go deep into her vagina and even open her sexual lips, he caressed them from above, from the sides, periodically, kissing the skin around her neat pussy, he opened his tongue like a petal, and lightly pressed them to her sweet skin.
Licking her pussy, he unbuttoned his pants with one hand and these cautious sounds of thieves made her whole body shudder even more than his touch.
Finally, the quiet ringing of his belt was over (She lay with her eyes shut like a virgin, although she was not her for a long time) she extended her hand, wanting to feel his cock in her.
The feeling shocked her! Although the dick was still quite sluggish, it was huge, just did not fit in the hand! She gently squeezed him in her fingers, feeling as he poured heavy hot blood, he raised her basin over the carpet, and, pressing one hand just above her pubis, put his giant in her current hole.
Having done this, he did not begin to work furiously with his pelvis, but sank down on his elbows and knees, lightly touching her with his whole body, an absolutely hairless chest and tender like a child’s, but, of course, more abundant hair in the lower abdomen.
He made a couple of slow, deep, evaluating movements and began to gradually build up the pace, feeling her nipples drawing tracks on the skin of his chest. Japanese sex vedio online.

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