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I was shaking all over, tears streaming down my cheeks, blood was seeping through the dissected skin, and red droplets rolled down from the white bare chest on the bedspread, leaving numerous blood stains.
I rushed on the bed, trying to break out of the trap of straps holding me tightly, but all was in vain.
I realized that I could not stand this cruel torture, I gave Olga a weak cry that I could no longer, I stopped controlling myself and holding back.

Inside, I had everything collapsed again like an avalanche in the mountains – right from the front hole it began to flow hot.
something viscous, soft and nasty – crawled out from the back.

Everything faded before my eyes, as if the lights in the cinema had been turned off before the beginning of the session, and I lost consciousness.

Early in the morning, the noise of the canary-yellow motor, convertible, the 1996 Viper, rushing along an empty highway, filled the desert.
The young woman behind the wheel paid no attention to the speed limit sign and turned on the gas.

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She was too busy with her own thoughts to notice such trifles.
Anyone who had a television would immediately recognize this face framed by red hair.
After the face, this most anybody would definitely look at long, smooth, tanned legs and luxurious breasts, rushing out from a narrow red blouse, which was two sizes smaller.
However, having found out about what their idol is now thinking about, the crowds in the clones would definitely be shocked.
“Fucking agents.
– Angela Foster yelled to herself, violently switching speed.
“Fuck, they are quite brazen!” More precisely, Angela’s anger was directed at one particular agent, John Temple.
He was one of the best gesheftmaherov in Hollywood, and, moreover, a man who promised to make Angela a star of the big screen.
Lesbian anime online.

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