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The girl jerked, and, emitting a desperate moan, rolled up her legs, trying to push back the enema, but her mother was already squeezing the blue ball of the balloon sticking out of the Machine priests.
Masha felt something thick fit into her ass, and something hot and warm began to inflate her already tense stomach, accompanied by a strong burning sensation in the priest, and a terrible urge to the bottom.
– Oh, Mom, I can not! Enough, enough, she pleaded with tears.

– Oh, mommy, it hurts, it hurts! – She involuntarily screamed and kicked her legs, but at that moment mother, with a nagging sound, extracted the tip from the priests, and, tucking the hole in her finger, squeezed her buttocks.
For the next five minutes, Masha, lying on her side, and feeling that all Kaki with her intestines would jump out of her, involuntarily beat her legs, then straightening them, then pressing them to her stomach.
But now mom took away her daughter’s hands from priests, and Masha rushed headlong into the toilet. Live 24 sex.

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