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At some point, the edge of her skirt rose so much that I saw the edge of her ass.
I felt bad! I didn’t just feel like my boyfriend was tense in his pants, no! I was just tied down from the inside, and it really became a fever.
I stopped feeling where I was.

I was drawn to her, and almost not controlling myself, I began to push my way towards her, squeezing my back and shoulders, struggling with my elbows.
The girl dragged the crowd into the train.
I jumped out of her last strength, crushing three at once.
The doors slid right behind my back.
I stood, leaning on someone’s back and felt it was hard for me to breathe.
Some kind of light bulb sparked right above my head, which made it possible, except for the rumble of wheels in the tunnel, to constantly hear electric crackling in the car.

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I didn’t get better.
I looked around.
She was there, ahead, in a small corner near the wall.
There was supposed to be a side seat, but it was not there, and this girl was standing in the very corner.
Breathing has become easier.
People have forgotten about their own madness and began to get comfortable.
After some time I will be able to free my hand.
The uncle, who was in front, moved to the right, and I could already read the newspaper if I wanted to.
The train stopped at the next stop.
People pushed the shaft.
I just took out on the platform.
I stood and watched people get off the train, while I thought about it myself.
And as soon as the last man came out, I rushed forward.
Someone’s hands rested in my back.
I was carried deep into the cabin, and I almost no longer controlled my position, spinning in a powerful stream.

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I tried only to be a little closer to her.
Several people changed places with me, and I was already a meter away from her.
She looked away, watching the black and gray cables flash in the window.
The window was right behind her.
Near it seemed to me more beautiful.
She was breathing slowly, passionately, as it seemed to me, and at each inhale her luxurious breasts heaved high, high under a T-shirt.
She didn’t put on her bra, and I saw big nipples filled with life appear through thin white matter.
She did not need him with such a beautiful chest.
I tried to remember at least one girl from my life who would be so beautiful and could not.
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