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Tanya covered her face with her hands, jumped out of the car and rushed off.
When Kate came to the door of her apartment, an attractive guy was walking up the landing, who greeted her politely and seemed to continue climbing to the third floor.
Katya did not see that this most beautiful lad had become behind her and put a knife on her back.

“Scream – stabbed.
Quickly open the door, ”he said in a calm voice.
Catherine was speechless because of fear, and even if she wanted to scream, she would hardly have succeeded.
She turned the key and pushed the door, immediately receiving a push in the back, in the blink of an eye, she was in the apartment.
Falling to the floor in the hallway, she turned her head back and saw with horror that two more men came into the apartment, besides, as she thought, a robber with a knife.
Catherine now decided to cry, useless in this situation, as one of the guys ran up to her and lightly hit her face.
After that, the brunette with a knife squatted down and gently, slowly, took off her shoes, doing the same procedure with her socks, one of which he immediately put Katya in her mouth.
“We’re not going to hurt you if you do what we tell you,” he said in the same tone, as if breaking into other people’s apartments and mocking women he had long become a habit.
A minute later, Katya was already sitting on the sofa in the room, and an unexpected trio stood in front of her.
Brunette leader sat in a chair opposite and began to speak.
“I will be honest with you.
We are going to fuck you, in full.
If you watched porn, then you know what I mean.
If you refuse to obey our demands for one hour (no matter how wild you may seem), we will kill you.
You saw our faces, Catherine, so – you understand.
If you agree, we will try to finish the procedure that is unpleasant for you as soon as possible and leave.
Everything will be filmed on camera.

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Strictly speaking, this is the main purpose of our visit.
The record will be sold for big money to one foreign site – you will receive $ 1,000 in person in about a week.
We try to be polite with obedient ladies. ”Digesting the information received, Katya understood all the hopelessness of her own situation.
And yet – the clock showed 12:10, which meant that after about two hours her son, 17-year-old Oleg, would return from a workout, and she imagined what picture he would see if she refused to obey these perverts.
Katya began to cry.
The tallest guy from the trinity, with muscular muscles, walked up to her and pulled a sock out of his mouth.
“I agree,” said Katya, realizing that she simply has no right to say anything else.
“That’s good,” said the brunet.
“Just remember, if after sex you decide to go to the police, then we know perfectly well where your son is studying, what time he comes home and, in general, you better not go to the police.
Just relax for an hour and try to have fun.
I promise you, you have not experienced anything like this in all 12 years of your family life, ”the leader concluded.
Katya was finally convinced that she was faced with professionals in her own business who carefully planned each step of her operation.
“Such people don’t go to prison” – Katya thought doomed, when the athlete had already taken off her jacket.
When Katya stayed in her panties, the leader took the camera and ordered her to kneel near the sofa, on which two of his partners were already sitting – a muscular brown-haired girl with long hair (athlete) and a short guy who could have been given no more than 20 years.
The camera smacked,

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and Katya realized that the shooting had begun.
“Take off your pants and start sucking one by one,” said the leader, standing on the side of the sofa to see the whole picture.
Katya decided to do everything that she would be told to end this nightmare, so she decided not to waste precious minutes that separated her from meeting with her son.
Having risen, a couple of “porn actors” helped Kate to pull off their pants, under which there were no underpants.
Taking the limp member of the athlete, Katya immediately took the head in her mouth and began to work with the tongue.
When the member stiffened, she already swallowed him completely, raising her hand.
Turning to a young guy, whose approximately 15-centimeter member was already standing, there was nowhere better, Katya took him in her mouth and immediately felt the guy’s hands on her nape, which fixed her head, while the member began to move in her mouth on her own.
It is necessary to pay tribute to the guy – he did not fuck Kate, trying to break her throat, and moved slowly and, one can say, gently. Live sex chat 18.

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