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We, as spellbound, looked at her and could not help it.
The main theme for us throughout the excursion was her ethnicity and versions of which country she was married to, whether she was married or not, alone or with her husband and other such rubbish.
Tours we naturally have not seen.

We both were just struck by thunder! I was engaged in the fact that I constantly cast glances at her, counting to myself the intervals of time so as not to part.
I chose such a place at every stop of the group, in order to observe her without incurring suspicions of obsession, bad manners or even obscene behavior.
And every time I had the feeling that she knows that I look at her and deliberately does not intercept my mind, as I did at the first moment on the bus.
And here I was ashamed of myself.
I remembered my first, almost childish love of my classmate and how I, just like now, constantly sneaked at him and, in case he noticed it, pretended to look past him at something in the distance.
As she ran through the school and tried to go so as to get to his meeting and openly look at his face or even smile in greeting.
But it was a boy! And it was ok.
And I

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just slept with the girls and I couldn’t feel any feelings for them other than friendly disposition and sympathy.

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I, like many other women, had a kind of verification “test” for men.
I asked myself when I met two questions: 1.
Like – not like? 2
I want to sleep with him – I do not want? He acted unerringly.
And the positive answer to the first question of the test (Like!) Rarely turned into a positive answer to the second question.
Oh, we are such women strange creatures.
It seems we like many men, but we don’t want to sleep with them.
Of course, it was just a speculative test and in practice I did not use it.
Before my husband, I had only two men and the relationship with them was not long.
I got married early.
So, from the moment of our first experience with a husband with a woman in bed, I sometimes began to transfer this “test” to the “weaker sex”.
And it was also just a game, t.
I often asked myself the question: “Will I (and most importantly: Do I want?) to sleep with a woman alone, without the presence of her husband?”
And each time she answered: “Definitely not!”.
It did not excite me and did not awaken my hidden fantasies.
Without a man in bed I was not interested.
What happened to me at that moment? What are the strings in the depths of my being touched by this oriental beauty, that I remembered my ridiculous behavior to tears during the first teenage love !? And most importantly, the emotions that were raging inside me and giving me a sweet suction on the bottom of my tummy were terribly similar to those.
the first.
candy caramel.
pimply clumsy.
I braced myself, pulled myself together and never again looked not at what was on her, but even in her direction! Here I was strong-willed and well done! I sat all the way back, like a plaster copy of the “Nefertiti” from my grandmother on the refrigerator, and soon I began to reduce my neck muscles, but I didn’t turn my head in the “unnecessary direction”.
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