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The gentle melody that filled the spacious hall created a very intimate atmosphere.
He gently lifted her arms and swirled to the rhythm of calm dance, leaning against the desired body.
Svetlana did not resist, she really wanted to relax, even if only for a minute.

His tender gentle words, light touches of perfectly shaved cheeks, pleasant smell of savory men’s perfumes, like anesthesia affected her, moreover, she was not so close to a man for more than two months.
But when Edward’s tender palm touched her buttocks through a thin fabric, she frightened him away.

-What are you, Edward Borisovich? Again? You can not do it this way.
We agreed with you.
I am a married woman.
– Sorry, I could not resist.
You are a nice woman.
Forgive me once more – embarrassed, he reluctantly let go of her and sat down again at the table.
-Excuse me.
I understand you perfectly, but I can not afford.
-Do not need an apology.
It’s my fault.
Well, I gotta go.
Once again a thousand regrets.
Let’s have a drink in the cuddle, ”rising up, said Edward and filled the wine glasses to the middle.
– By the way, you will not find a lemon.

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I will make you a wonderful cocktail.
-It seems to have.
I bought it today for Yuri, – Svetlana did not dare to refuse the “high” guest and, without much enthusiasm, disappeared into the doorway.
It was absent for no more than a minute, but this time was more than enough for a few drops of clear liquid to dissolve completely in the aromatic wine.
Pleasant warmth spread through my body, noise and fog in my head, constraint disappeared without a trace, an unbridled desire for intimacy appeared, there is no more strength to endure.
And next to a handsome strong man.
He takes her in his arms, presses her to him.
Hot kisses caress her face, neck, bare breasts.
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