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Ilana was washed here every day, morning and evening, but for the first time she saw an object resembling a gynecological chair with protruding ones.
on the edges of the holders for the legs.
The girls deftly sat her down and fixed her legs, inserting them into metal brackets in the shape of a crescent moon and tying them with straps.

Then, they lifted the brackets, and her legs were taller than her head.
So that the slave could not move her legs, she was put in a long metal strut and secured it just above the knees.

One of the servants quickly spread some foamy liquid in the cup and began to lather her pubis and labia, covered with a small soft gun.
Ilana did it herself many times, especially in summer when she went to the beach, wearing an open bikini, but she didn’t shave off the hair until the end, leaving a neat bangs over the crack.
As she herself said to her friends: “Let this fella be an illusion, but with her I feel protected.”
And now, apparently the maids decided to shave everything without a trace.

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But none of them picked up a razor.
A minute later, Ilana felt a slight burning and itching.
The girls stood with stone faces.
The itch began to intensify, from which the girl fidgeted on the chair, but this did not make any impression on the maids, as she did not try.
About ten minutes later, one of the girls took a long hose in her hands and slowly began to wash off the foam, which by then had thickened and became slightly gray.
Ilana noticed that along with the foam, the vegetation between the legs began to descend, leaving the skin completely clean and smooth.
Admiring the result of their efforts, the girls finally took the girl from the chair and fixed the shackles with a small thin chain on the ankles.
After washing the slave thoroughly, they wiped it with a large fluffy towel, put on a collar and thin cloth slippers and, like a dog, were taken to the Mistress’s chambers.
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