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Pushing a heavy glass door, she entered the spacious hall and took the elevator to the penultimate floor of the skyscraper.
Entering into the hallway, she kicked off her shoes, and tiptoed to the bedroom.
Having unbuttoned the jacket and left in one thin, tight-fitting, white sweater, she went to the bed and straightened the blankets on sleeping peacefully, with her back to each other, children.

Deciding not to wake Kit, she almost fell into the chair next to the bed.
Already closing her eyes, Rebecca felt a strange smell, not really unpleasant, and some strangely familiar.
Not having had time to think this idea through to the end, she fell into a dream, and the faint musky spirit that was hovering around the room, and completely dissipated after a few hours, made her dreams very pleasant. Livejasmin webcam.

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