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Yes please, Ed! I hope you don’t take long.
If you want, she will brush her teeth, ha ha ha.
I think, yes.

And her there in the bathroom and.
You hear, bitch.
Go with Ed to the bathroom.
And you, Ed, if there is even the slightest disobedience, let me know.
Will you punish her? – in the voice of avid curiosity.
If there is something serious.
I do not like to punish her.
And if I try too hard, I cannot use this thing for a while.
You do not worry, she is well trained.
Everybody go.
Stella rose to her feet and, still without looking up, headed towards the bathroom.
She rushed in the back: And you, Robert? Like a little thing? Will you use it? That the young man answered, the woman could no longer hear, he answered very quietly.
As soon as Stella walked into the luxurious bathroom, Edward immediately pounced on her from behind, began to knead her boobs, one hand slipped into the crotch.
Stella meekly stood, letting a man explore her accessible body without obstacles.
What are you like wooden? And really you – damn! Online live sex.

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