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Having walked this way up and down several times, Alina changed the broom and began to whip again, but stronger.
Valya screamed, but did not resist.
Turn over, – Alina said changing the broom again.

Now the broom went down but the legs, belly and chest of the niece.
However, the aunt was very careful, trying not to hurt her niece’s nipples and not to hurt her.
Valya was moaning, cheering on her aunt.
Nastya sat down and watched as a naked mother whipped her naked sister.
But she could not sit for a long time and soon jumped out into the waiting room.
Come on, drink some kvuska, and then you walk through me.
– Alina suggested.
With pleasure! Here I will smack you on your ass! – threatened Valya, getting down from the shelf and moved after Alina.
Nastya was already drinking kvass, in a bite with a tomato, wrapped in a towel.
The women sat down at the table against each other.
Alina poured kvass to herself and Vale.
Well, Valentine, tell me where you lead my daughter in the city.
– crossing her legs, asked Alina.
Yes, there are many interesting places in the city, – said Valya mysteriously.
– Let Nastena come and tell you everything herself.
Now you have no secrets from each other.
Yeah, – chewing a tomato, Nastya agreed.
Well, I will not torture you.
Want to tell yourself.
– Alina said and took a gulp of kvass.
Women sat and chatted about family matters.
Valya said that her

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mother had a new “boy” who is younger than Valentina herself.
And Galina is not even embarrassed to admit that he is very good in bed.
Valya even wanted to tempt him somehow, but when she saw that the mother with Oleg, that is the name of this boy, is engaged in hard sex, from which, as it turned out, the mother gets great pleasure, all desire at once disappeared.
No, Vale also likes lewd phrases, and sometimes mats during sex, but she does not accept sadism.

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She told that her mother somehow found her in bed with her classmate at the institute, and commented that she herself would not mind having such a girl.
Alina listened to her niece and was more and more surprised how her sister had changed.
Just a few years ago, she was shy herself.
And even during their intimacy, she was more than Alina.
Nastya listened with interest, everything her sister told and imagined that it would not be bad in the city to try something out of the ordinary.
Although she only a week ago and did not dream of hugging, kissing and caressing her mother tongue between her legs.
Inhale the aroma of its juices and fly away from the caresses of the mother.
– a friend heard a distant cry.
Whom else the devils brought? ”Alina swore and looked out at the small curtained window of the waiting room.
Here is a pancake, Irka, cornered, with some peasant, – Alina said with a dassad and put on a robe.
Sit here, I will soon.
Send them out and come back.
– said mother leaving the bath.
Nastya with Valya went to the steam room.
This time, Valya lay down on the lower shelf and pulled Nastya toward herself.
Nastya climbed onto a shelf and threw a leg over her sister, placed her hips on her thighs, clinging her opened crack to Valentina’s crotch.
Nastya bent over her sister and began to caress her hair and kiss on the lips.
The girls were fond of caressing and soon Nastya turned into a 69 position, leaving Valia to her crack and bending over her sister’s clitoris.
The orgasm came quickly.
At first, Nastya shook and her crack was moistened even more.
And then Valya, licking her sister’s nektrar from her sexual lips and clitoris, rushed into the clouds, where her consciousness exploded into thousands of fragments.
The girls lay for a while on the shelf.
Then Nastya got up from Valentina and carefully looked out of the steam room.
The steam was already asleep and the air no longer cut the throat.
There was no one in the waiting room.
The girls came out, wrapped themselves in sheets and drinking kvass, waited for Alina.
It took about an hour and the girls already began to freeze.
Nastya, went to the house.
Why sit somewhere.
– Valya suggested.
The girls moved to the house.
There was no light in the house.
It was already dark outside.
Valya went to her room to change clothes.
Nastya went to her.
Then the girls heard a knock on the door.
Nast, Val.
– Alina shouted.
Yes, we are here.
– responded one by one girls.
And I looked into the bath and you are no longer there.
I thought what happened.
– Alina said.
Okay, I’ll go feed the cows, and then rinse.
Why did Aunt Ira come? – asked Nastya.
Yes, Dawn, they were trampled up in a pasture in a wire and hurt my leg. Private videos sex web girls com.

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