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Already 10 days later I was surprised to realize that my imagination was exhausted, I always thought that I was easily and quickly excited, but frequent orgasms required new images all the time and my imagination did not have time to invent them.
Even small piquant daytime episodes were already going on: a handsome guy standing close to the bus, a sexy bitch dressed in front of her, casually spreading her legs, an erotic scene from a video clip.
I became anxious to look for exciting images and quickly sat down on porn sites with short, but to the limit, explicit videos.

Preferred group sex and anal sex, and given the specificity of their workouts, sometimes I watched videos from the golden rain section, choosing pissing and ending lesbians.
All the same, girls pee much more beautiful than boys.

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Sveta, gave me a look at the old film “Emmanuel”, in which I liked the phrase of a young bitch: “you should caress and bring yourself to orgasm as soon as you feel like it, not postponing it for later.
But the film was just erotic, and I was drawn to blatantly overt porn.
Now I had such a day regimen that if I entered the Olympic program through orgasms, I would get a gold medal.
In the morning, getting up, relaxing a bit in bed, kneading nipples and sponges with a hand, just getting excited – to the bathroom, sitting there and spreading your legs wide apart, already jerking yourself to the fullest, remembering nightly erotic dreams or inventing new fantasies.
Finished – pee.
After the lessons, I flew home like a bullet, a friend left to go shopping, there was no time for tenderness, I usually wanted to write incredibly, but I had to finish first, and with tremendous speed until the numbness of my hand, I twitched my clitoris, scrolling through my head the episodes, the orgasm coincided with the golden rain, my body was still twitching and ending, and the powerful jet was already noisily flying out of me, giving me great pleasure and relief.

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In the evening, after dinner, a completely different feeling.
I slowly chose a pornorong on the Internet, watched it sitting on a chair, having bent one leg and putting my palm on the panties, in order to feel how my pussy turned hot and the panties wet.
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