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Even when I was carrying her, I could barely cope with the excitement – Denis confessed, having mixed a little – I can imagine how conscious she is.
– You will soon see – Telegin promised in all seriousness, immediately asking –

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did this ever bother you? – What exactly? The splendor of a beautiful girl? And why should this surprise? – asked, asked Denis – women have been admired from time immemorial.
– Yes, you are right, but do not you think that this beloved perfection looks artificial? – Are you talking about Sophie specifically? – Yes, let’s talk about her Lavrov thought, shrugged his shoulders: – Probably there is something like that.

But she is not a poor girl; she can afford all sorts of spas, make-ups, tanning salons.
I do not understand what you’re driving? I, for one, are more concerned with the question of why this is why she almost killed you and, secondly, if they didn’t catch her, because we pulled her out of the concert.
And kidnapping is already a criminal article.
– The fact of the matter is that Sophie is not a man.
– as if, by the way, Alex remarked, finally, deciding to tell his friend the truth – she is an artificial creation created by the hands of a very intelligent person.

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And Denis didn’t seem surprised, finished his glass, carefully put it on the table and slowly chewed on a lemon slice: – Do you want to say that Sophie is a robot? – Well, approximately – Telegin smiled, who obviously did not expect such a calm reaction – more precisely, a high-tech android.
And not only she.
– You would have tied up with alcohol – Denis nodded at the opened bottle – otherwise I will start to think that you are one of those abnormals that I have heard enough about my former job.
– So, you do not believe me – even Telegin was delighted – then present your version of events.
Why do you think Sophie attacked me? – Well, you’re a journalist, maybe you wrote an ugly letter about her.
The stars, you know how nervous she is.
And if she was a robot, which is simply unbelievable, she did not harm the person.
I read fiction sometimes.
So, brother, you need to do something with your hectic imagination.
It is unlikely to bring good.
Alex grinned: “She wouldn’t attack me if she was not reprogrammed to destroy me.”
Everything is much more serious than you think – I noticed – Denis said with irony – it’s good that the “green men” still do not come to you.
Alex was not even offended: – Can you just listen to me? – And nothing to comment? – If it is not difficult, until the end of my story – I will try – Denis grinned, pouring himself another brandy – I can, but you still can’t.
Telegin tells Denis a little about his life, in general about the corporation, Sergey Anatolevich and some of his models. Sex brother and sister hidden camera.

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