Sex live house.

Sex live house.
In the center of the large room on the floor lay the mattress.
Only he was wearing only a white sheet, and Irina was sitting in a chair in some new shiny red robe.
Her naked and tanned arms and legs gleamed after the massage, like last time.

But the smell was different, some kind of erotic from a bunch of flowers on the table and something else.
– Hello, – it turned out stupid at me.
“Hello, Kira,” said Ira, smiling.
I was dumbfounded; for the first time she called me by name in the month and a half of our meetings.
I put the champagne bag on the floor.
– Although I did not ask, but it will come in handy.
Yes, Misha? – Of course, Irochka, it will even be possible to have Armenian brandy, but it’s the beginning! Sex live house.

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