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I stripped down to my underwear – Until the end, until the end, he said I did what he wanted: – Come here and stand on my knees before me.
I obeyed, but I knelt down, as soon as his hand lay on the back of my head.
The second hand, he pushed the floor of the robe and I saw his dick, he was already excited but not yet fully.

He pressed on his head and I rested on his groin.
I began to lick his balls and the trunk.
– Well done, keep it up, work: He groaned, the member responded, getting up to his full height, he was good, 18-20 centimeters in length, plump.
And so, he pushed my head back a little, so that his head was right in front of my mouth, I opened my mouth and he immediately put me on his dick.
– Suck, whore, suck And I began to suck his dick, he obviously liked it and kept repeating that I would not stop and suck,

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suck his dick, while calling me a whore, damn and differently, I even liked it.
I vividly imagined this picture.
In the chair sits a guy in one dressing gown, and in front of him another, completely naked guy, kneeling, sucks his dick.
Looks beautiful, I thought then.
And now, a little later, I felt his hand pressing me to his penis more and more, he moved faster and faster, and then he suddenly gets up, I release the penis from my mouth and then he starts to cum on my face, on my chest, a part of sperm falls on floor.
After that, he moves forward a little and the dick is in my mouth again, I suck, lick and scrub it from sperm residues: – You, well done, don’t suck badly, he said carelessly, Now it’s my turn to answer you the same.
He lifts me from my knees, puts me on the bed and lies down next to me and takes my dick into my mouth.
As he sucks, that’s fine.
While I was sucking his dick myself, I was very excited, so I didn’t stand for a long time and finished right in his mouth, he swallowed everything up to the drop, licked my dick, smiled and went to the kitchen.

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Not only not on this bus! There conductor – bitch.
At the next stop will throw.
Twenty is another matter.
I ride with them and for three and four laps.
Nasty autumn pissing on the city for a week.
Got it! And all week I like this “ride.”
And where you get around in the garage Sasha wakes up at five.
– Stand up, people will soon fall down.
Do I need a reprimand? Sasha is not – not blue, I just spend the night in his garage.
Probably I feel sorry for him.
I hate being regretted.
But this is not the case.
He, too, was at twelve.
He, too, was the mother and father of alcoholics.
They died.
Has long been.
He was still in the “incubator”.
-Like our lives – he says.
Yes, they are similar.
Only I’m not from boarding school.
I live at home.
Sort of.
Or number.
I appeared there about three days ago.
All the same.
“Kostya, where do you bloom? We all ran around the courtyards.
We are looking for you.
From school here came.
And you are not and no.
Where the fuck moan, bitch? “.
So go home after this.
Do not want.
You can, of course, go for two hours to Petrovich, give him a blowjob and earn forty rubles.
Only disgust me.
Igor was good.
I did not even ask for money.
He gave.
And with that.
No, I will not go to him! It is better to market.
Half a day I will drag bags – but fifty dollars in my pocket.
Already not bad.
half of Sasha is on the moonshine, half is havchik to buy.
Well, before the market is another four hours.
Have to “ride”.
Bus twenty minutes later.
Stop without a roof.
Do these drops! Soon I will be all – even squeeze.
Nothing, the bus will dry out.
I remember now – the same rainfall, I am in a waterproof jacket, my mother and I are going to kindergarten.
Satisfied and fun.
– She told me some funny story.
How old was I? Probably five, or four? Then everything was fine.
Then they did not drink this crap.
What a good time it was !!! And now.
In the house every day a fight, quarrels from a hundred grams.
I recently thought here.
And if the president forbade drinking vodka? Suppose you drank, and you immediately shot? Will anything change? Yes! The streets will become empty, the shops will be closed, the boulevards and avenues will be empty without cars, the factories will be closed, because there will be no one to work.
And the “twenty” will also not go.
There will be no one to carry.
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