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The only thing that interested him was the myths of ancient Greece, which he began to study carefully when he returned home.
He was pursued by a strange thought, and not even a thought, but a shadow of thought, a guess which he did not dare to think through to the end.
It was ridiculous and, besides laughter, it smelled of nervous ravings, in which George was well aware.

But the shadow of guessing, sowing in him, stirred the soul, and he gradually succumbed to her, justifying himself: “if we played that game there — why not play this one here?” “I just study ancient myths,” he told himself , “After all, it was once a sign of culture.
Why would I not become more cultured? ”, He convinced himself – and continued to look for what he was afraid to think through to the end.
And once found.
It was so unconditional that it was impossible to cheat.
did not immediately accept what I found.
He again felt the chill breath of the coastal wind, and again he wanted to wrap himself in a cloak.
He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, opened his eyes – and reread the three paragraphs found in the old book: “.
Who just did not strike the arrows of the craven Eroth! During it black-eyed Kisse, one of the hundred daughters of the sea elder Nerea and Dorida’s oceanids, fell in love with the satire of Gorgos living in the coastal cliff.

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Under the satire’s amusing appearance, she saw the quivering, faithful heart.
Their happiness did not last long: for seven days the terrible old man Nereus was in ignorance, and on the eighth he was angry with fierce anger and imprisoned tender Kisse in the deepest depths of the Ocean, chained in golden shackles.
The tinted-colored sea foamed up, the sky was covered with thunderclouds: nature and all its elements began to cry with beautiful Kisse, who shed tears in bitter imprisonment.
Gorgos understood the signs of nature, was overwhelmed with great sorrow and rushed into exile, wanting to heal the wounds inflicted by Eros.
Once in his wanderings, he appeared at the altar of Boreas and appealed to the quick-winged god: “O Boreas, soaring everywhere, a free, mighty god! Do you know where beautiful Kisse is? ”The god of the northwind compassioned himself and appeared to him, and said:“ Woe to you, O satyr! Kisse languishes in the depths of the Ocean, where you can’t get to me or to you. ”
“Is it possible to propitiate Nerey?”
But in order for you to be tested. ”
“What the same?”.
“First you must sacrifice all that you have to him.”
“Hey”! cried the satyr, and uster.
Then it was neatly torn off: from the junction of an ancient legend, someone twisted a goat’s leg.
“And ister”, George repeated, looking at

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one point.
“All that you have means?” He had a choice between logic and insanity. Sex pistols live 76 box set.

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