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I demanded a translation: “: an explosion thundered today at eleven thirty in the morning.
Destroyed most of the building, no survivors.
The head of the unit, Dr. Harold Frost is among the missing, his body has not yet been found.

Sappers and law enforcement agencies are combing the territory of the laboratory, its underground floors and hangars, in search of remnants of an explosive device.
At the moment, there has not yet been a report from any of the terrorist organizations that they have claimed responsibility for this terrorist act.

The motives of the intruders are also unknown, however, the experts expressed confidence that their goal was Dr. Frost himself.
The scientist has repeatedly publicly opposed the oppression of the indigenous population of the Jungle, and his name was named after the foundation established in honor of the victims of the Third Impact: “I did not listen any further.
Well well.
Frost has always been a public figure, not just a cabinet-rat, nursing on test tubes.
And, in fact, he did not make the impression of a puny asphyxia — on the contrary, powerful muscles always stood out clearly through his lab coat.

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He was a man of will, I repeatedly noticed this by his speeches and actions.
But did he really interfere enough to destroy it, at the cost of an explosion in a residential area? Together with the whole laboratory.
By the way, what about the victims among the peaceful settlement? “- Henna, what is the situation in the area, are there civilian casualties? – Echo responded to my thoughts leading from a virtual studio.
– There is no information at this moment, it seems that no one outside the walls of the laboratory building was hurt.
The police and the ambulance did not receive any calls from the victims.
– Reported a black woman on a hologram.
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