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As if nothing had happened, I went to the table, silently drank a glass of champagne, gave the camera to Vitaly and sat down opposite to a leather sofa.
Well, what are you staring at? Photograph faster, and then I.
somehow I feel awkward.

It would be faster to change clothes – I was deceitful and pointedly laid foot for foot.
Andrei Pavlovich convulsively lit a cigarette and stared at me in his glasses.
How to take pictures? – asked the stunned Vitali.
I put my leg in the other direction, bent my back a little.
Then went.
I took different half-open and frank poses, then skirt casually zaderyu, then stand on the couch in the knee-elbow posture with an unambiguously sticking out ass, then turn back to them dorsal.
And Vitali was shooting everything and was already starting to suggest how to put the leg, how to bend the backrest.
In the end, I hinted that it was enough, and asked to give me a fotik to see how everything turned out.
It turned out, as it turned out, not bad.
Getting up from the couch and making it clear that I was pleased with the result and winning in my pocket, I went to the table and sat down in my seat.
Having poured myself a glass, I silently drank, saying that the champagne was over, thank you all, goodbye.
Vitali immediately went out somewhere, saying that nothing was over, and asked me not to leave yet.
Andrei Pavlovich lit a cigarette which was already counting and began to look at everything close to me.
And you are nothing.
Good chick.

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It is a pity that it is not real.
– dragging out, he said.
What do you need this? So where to get it now? Previously, it was necessary.
Okay, you need to change clothes.
– I stretched.
Yes, wait! – Andrei Pavlovich grabbed my hand.
My body was in a fever.
Feet trembled.
He pulled me over and put me on my knees.
My thighs were bare above the stockings, and he began to stroke my legs uncertainly.
The hand gradually stroked and examined the calves and knees, crawled under the skirt.
I began to breathe heavily and look at him.
He did not look into my eyes, but only climbed higher and higher under the skirt and had already reached the panties, but then Vitaly came in with two bottles of champagne and another bottle of vodka.
ABOUT! Yes, you do not lose time here! – He blurted, closing the door to the key.
I immediately jumped up and stepped aside.
Oh, well, sit down, – said Vitaly, walking up to the table.
He quickly opened the bottle and poured me a glass.
Spilling himself and Andrei Pavlovich a hundred vodkas, offered to drink for the successful life metamorphosis.

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We, smiling, drank.
Then Vitaly took me by the elbow and led me to the sofa.
I walked deliberately wagging my hips, so that Andrei Pavlovich could better see the roundness of my forms.
The peasants were pretty drunk already, I thought.
Vitaly sat me down on the sofa and sat next to him.
Hugging my shoulders, breathing heavy fumes in my face, whispered: Show me what else you can.
And he used his tongue in my mouth.
I did not resist at all.
On giving in to him, we began to kiss passionately.
I felt the heat coming from him and understood that he liked me.
Vitaly began to paw me.
His hand lifted my skirt up and began to squeeze the buns.
I turned more sideways to Andrei Pavlovich so that he could observe better my thighs and ass.
Then I slowly began to unzip Vitaly’s belt and pants.
Climbing into his intimate place, I found that the fighter is torn from the bottoms out.
Pulling the panties down, I began to drive my hand along the trunk of Vitaly’s dick.
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Andrei Pavlovich was nervously smoking and rubbing a knoll on his pants. Sex watch online korean gay.

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