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Anya opened her mouth and, in reflection, saw her tongue, in which there was a piercing, of rather large sizes.
– This is a titanium piercing and it is sealed so that it can not be removed, I love when I caress the tongue and in it the piercing.
I give a week so that you learn to speak normally with this piercing, ”said Mrs., removing the mirror.

Mrs. took the girl by her arms and helped her up, Anya, on cotton legs, followed Mrs.
Mrs. led her to the mirror.
“I increased your breasts and ass with silicone,” continued Mrs. leading her to a large mirror. “There is a chip in one of the implants that I can find you anywhere, now you can’t run away.”
And here, ”said the Lady, running her hand over the back of the girl’s head, thereby running her hand over the small scar on the back of the slave,“ There is another chip with which I can make you a slight headache, or you can cut it out altogether that do everything that I order, otherwise I will use this innovation.
Do you understand? Mrs. helped the girl to get up and took her by the elbow led to a large mirror.
The girl was not confident, her legs were cotton.
Going to the mirror, the girl looked into him, his chest became larger.
“Now you have a third size, and later you can do even more, say, the fifth or sixth,” said Mrs., “Now you have my tattoo on your left breast.
Anya looked at the tattoo, there it was written in beautiful letters “slave Mrs. Masha”.
“The hair on the pussy was removed with the help of a laser cut, now they will not grow for a very long time,” continued Mrs. and turned the girl’s ass to the mirror, “As I said, I also shook some of the silicone in my ass.

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There is also a tattoo on the tailbone and a small tattoo on the buttock.
The girl looked into the reflection, over her shoulder and looked.
-Like? – asked Mrs.
“Yes, Gaspajah

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,” the girl replied, trying to pronounce.
“Now, even if you run away, I think you will not find a guy or a husband with such tattoos,” said the Lady through a smile, “And I love the tattoo, I think I’ll do it to you soon.”
Okay, let’s go show your room, ”said the Mrs., going to the other door in the Mrs.’s room,“ Follow me. ”
Anya followed.
They entered the room, it was not big, a bed, a bedside table and a wardrobe.
“So long as you are in your room,” said the Lady, “If you behave badly, I will move to the rug by my bed.”
As promised, I will not touch you for a week; you will work as a maid this week.
And try only a week to lisp, strictly punish.
Uniforms in the closet.
When you dress, you can immediately take up your duties, ”said the Lady and left.
The girl went to the closet, opened it, and began to wear what lay there, white stockings, short, black skirt, just below the gum stockings, black blouse without sleeves, with a deep cut on the chest, white gloves, just above the elbow, white rag sneakers without shoelaces.
There was nothing else in the closet.
Anya came out of her room, passed through the room of the Lady, she went out into the corridor and began to look around, because until that time she had seen nothing but her room and the room of the Lady.
It turned out that Mrs. lives in a small, two-story house.
She went downstairs to the Mistress, who was watching TV.
“Look, I was not mistaken with the size of the clothes,” said Mrs., looking at the new maid.
After the Lady told her where she was lying and what to do, Anya began her new duties.
The week flew by quickly, the Mistress, as promised, did nothing with her, even called not a slave, but a servant.
Anya during this time got used to the piercer in the language and began to speak normally.
And during this time, the girl learned to obey all orders of the Lady unquestioningly.
On the eighth day, like all the previous seven days, the girl brought breakfast to the bed of the Lady.
“Well, as I promised, your week of freebies is over,” said Madam, drinking coffee in bed. Sexy webcam twerk.

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