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“Having rested, Terry will be able to hold out until the end, and these losers will find that they have already received enough.
Perhaps we should add a little more zest to the game. ”
While Terry was diligently sucking off the cool beer guys, Daniela sent one of her assistants to go to the city for what she would soon need.

Then she called Scott and dedicated him to her plan.
As she initiated him into her plan, his smile grew wider.
Finally, the last man had finished abundantly.
Terry was allowed to take a quick shower, for some reason, after ordering him to carefully wipe off and change into a dry swimsuit, no less sexy than the previous one, and clearly made of an even thinner fabric.
The players once again went their separate ways.
Well, are you satisfied now? Now can you play this game? Daniela asked them, letting Scott himself express her idea.
She saw Terry quite confidently occupying the center of her site.
The “rest” clearly helped her recover: her movements became light and precise again.
She was no longer suffocating, and although she seemed to be even more excited than before, she was clearly ready to continue her struggle.
But what about the

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agreement that it will be hotter than usual? – again surprised those around Scott.
What do you mean? – Dana asked him slyly, she herself threw this idea to him.
– Come on, Terry, show us, – and added with a threat, – Straighten up, immediately! And spread your legs wide.
Surprised Terry, slightly hesitating, executed the order.
Daniela and all those present saw that her breasts were overly excited, that she was too crowded in her bra.
That the nipples clearly protruding through the fabric of the bodice should be incredibly tense.
That the heat inside Terry’s pussy, even after only five minutes after dressing, had already made her melt her sodden, darkening the traitorous spot between her legs.

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Terry had no doubt that this time they simply want to humiliate her again, showing everyone her condition.
“Nothing is broken with this rule,” she thought.
When we started to play, we still didn’t know what a slut she was, “Scott suddenly stunned her,” then, seeing the spot on her swimming trunks and those cheeky nipples, we thought that the game could begin.
But now, when we saw how greedily she sucked the cum from our members, we know what a slut Terry became.
I swear that such a state is common for her, and it doesn’t fit the description “hotter than usual”.
It seems that the liquid that you gave her had no effect.
What do you say, Terry? – trying not to laugh, continued to play Daniel.
– How do you feel? Didn’t the drug actually work on you? In confusion, Terry did not know what to answer.
She felt that Dana did not just ask, but did not notice a single sign from her “friend”, ordering her to call herself an eternally wet slut.
Come on Terry, don’t be shy, tell us how you feel, ”Dana“ encouraged ”her, nodding her slave with a smile, giving her permission to defend herself.
You see.
That medicine worked.
I’m all burning.
– stammering and Terry said even more blushing.
Can’t hear you mumble there? – not satisfied with the humiliation of slave Daniel.
– You already want to get fucked? But.
I did not lose.
You said that only if they win.
– Terry moaned.
Here is a dirty slut, – Denis laughed, – stop fantasizing, of course, I mean sex with your husband in two days.
The guys smiled, commenting on the situation.
So you want to get fucked? Dana repeated again.
– Tell us this loudly and clearly.
– Terry finally said, – I really want to get fucked.
– and quickly added – I really want sex with my husband.
Her rivals made noise, everyone considered it their duty to tell Terry that she didn’t have to wait at all for two days or where she should stick her opinion.
Well, if you win, you will get your right to choose – smiling, Dana answered her.
“Well, Scott, is that enough for you?” What are you talking about? – again surprised the uninitiated Scott.
– Naturally, this bitch wants to be torn off.
I have no doubt that she wakes up every day already burning with desire.
I demand that she prove that now her condition is not just her fantasy.
And how should she prove it? – continued her role Daniela.
“Even if Terry caresses himself and comes to a rough end, one can be sure that she does not pretend.”
In addition, you remember that according to the rules, it should receive satisfaction only in case of winning.
Well, there are well-known signs of female arousal, Scott continued, for example, the release of lubricant into the vagina.
As far as I can see, Terry has everything in order, ”she continued to pretend that she did not understand Dana,“ what do you mean? Spy cam drunk sex.

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