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I wiped my cock on her panties and walked away.
She sat on Max’s dick and began to ride like a madman, announcing the neighborhood with almost a cry.
Dick was wound up in her pussy like a hefty plunger, her boobs were shaking in a furious rhythm of fucking.

And she began to finish.
Sensing this, Max promptly stuck his purple member out of her hole, put it on cancer and effortlessly stuck it in the ass.

Natah moaned again, she was twisting her clit with one hand.
This went on for a while, the wife kicks, Max, too.
And here he is, pulling the dick out of his ass, begins to water it abundantly.
We smoked and Max left, leaving us your number just in case.
After a little more swimming, we also went home.
And when the wife swam, she took off her pants, so that the scent of his sperm would be preserved in them.
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– Vitya! Wake up Her voice brought me to my senses.
– What do you always sleep in my class? – Yes yaya.
I do not get enough sleep, Anna Evgenievna.
– Well, now I woke up? Then we continue.

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And she again began to explain something monotonously.
Anna Evgenievna, who additionally dealt with biology with me, was not married and at the same time was the owner of a magnificent breast and rather big priests.
She always dressed the same – in an open dress, only the colors are different all the time.
There was usually no bra on it, and her nipples barely protruded through the clothes.
For several months now she has been the object of my sexual fantasies.
Especially after the case when Anna Evgenievna dropped the book and bent down to pick it up, while turning her back to me, and then my beautiful eyes appeared long beautiful legs.
And sometimes in the classroom it happened that I thought about her like this.
– Well, here again!
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