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Allow to mock yourself.
I tolerate it when I prank me with a belt, a whip or a whip, for a crime or just like that, because they want to hurt me or give pleasure.
I do not like it when Elvira Sergeyevna or Lida pore me, I cry and suffer.

It hurts me
As a rule, I scream, cry, please stop, but then only a moan comes from me.
I saw it all myself, on videotapes that make the cameras hidden in the apartment.
And then I kiss the hands that smack me, and ask to take me, fuck.
Sometimes these my prayers are heard.
And sometimes they just make you smile.
I am ashamed and hurt.
But these two feelings are so strong that the quantity turns into quality, and gives rise to an orgasm.
And then I finish.
In these moments I have such PLEASURE.
The first six months I was very hard.
My whole butt, thighs, sides, part of the back and stomach were ripped off with a whip.
Red puffy furrows crossed my entire body.
They sparkled and eerily purple.
I was whipped for every dexterity and offense.
Now I have a bob haircut, I don’t wear underwear, as my Hostess thinks I should be open and accessible for her and her friends and girlfriends, for the same reason I shave my crotch.
I tolerate it when they fuck me with oldies.
If they ask

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me who I am, then lifting my head up, I answer that I am a slave, a whore, whore of my Mistress Elvira Sergeyevna.
And since my feelings clearly did not atrophy, such as the feeling of shame and the ability to realize the shameful and humiliating nature of my position, I can only say one thing, that all this gave me indescribable pleasure.
Let’s start everything in order.
If someone hopes that I will talk about each day and how I was trained, then he can read something else.
Here I will tell only about a few of the brightest moments that occurred in this time period.
The first thing I did, when the door closed behind me, I lit it and went to the elevator, where I smoked in the morning.

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On the burning daylight on the floor it was possible to understand that from the moment the door closed letting me into the interior of the apartment quite a long time had passed.
The second was very difficult for me to go.
Since in the area of ??my intimate places, under the panties, everything hurt.
So, my ass and pubis, as well as the inside of my thighs, were very sore with a lash several times.
It was impossible to go dressed in underwear and, having made a decision, I quickly took off the tights and panties, threw them into the bag, called the elevator.
Of course, I tried to comprehend everything that was and how.
And why am I so pleased now? Why, memories of what happened, throw me into a shiver and desire? Why do I want all this or something similar to happen again? I walked through the autumn city, without haste, since I had absolutely nothing to do at home, just to listen to my mom’s grumbling.
By this she could drive anyone crazy.
You will not explain to her that for the sake of singling out benefits to her, you have to lick your pussy, run on all fours, and endure when you are caught.
You will not explain, and will not understand.
All the old men are stupidly categorical in their judgments about us.
I love her.
Would not love, did not go for it all.
I went and noted with surprise to myself that men look at me with interest.
A couple of days ago, I was walking alone in the park, for some reason they were not interested.
After smoking and looking at people walking in the park, I, around 10 in the evening, went home.
At home I was met, as I had assumed before, my mother.
She, grumbling, asked where I had been hanging around for so long, without work? Did I think she was going to go crazy? And did not become a station prostitute? I think I would be looking for a job, at least a prostitute.
Or do you want to starve her to death? And so I did not hope that it will be easier for me when she dies.
I listened to her for a long time, and then said: – Mom, I do not speak nonsense here? And go to yourselves, because today you are simply unbearable.
And only on her receding grumbling, that the mother had completely become an unnecessary thing, I said that I had found a job.
I now had to be alone.
And I knew perfectly well that when she was offended, she would not reach me, until I approached her myself, and gave her forgiveness.
I undressed, this time, in the corridor so that my mother did not see that I was without linen and had scars on my body, the origin of which I could not explain to her.
Then she went into the bath, where she looked at the scars and bruises left by the whip on my body for a long time in front of the mirror. Watch online sex videos hd.

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