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Cheryl cried and screamed.
– RUNNING! In the hope that at least her lover will be able to leave.
But Nora stood rooted to the spot, she watched with horror as huge fingers dug into the flesh that she had so passionately caressed last night.

Falling to the ground,

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she panicked for a dagger, which Cheryl grabbed from the house.
Without thinking for a second, she rushed to her friend, and in the middle of the blade a soldier opened a knife between the shoulder blades.
With a deaf sob, he fell to the ground and no longer showed signs of life.
Cheryl just kept crying.
Pulling their companion under a huge carcass, Nora said.
– We need to go, it is only a matter of time when the others will catch up with us.
We will cry later when we get to a safe place.
Cheryl nodded in agreement and began to dress.
Nora, too, hurried to get dressed.
The charges did not take even a minute, and when they were ready to leave, Nora decided to go through the pockets of the corpse.
There she found 20 silver coins.
She also decided to take with her the dagger of a soldier, as well as a bow with arrows.
“Wait, I have an idea,” said Cheryl.
She grabbed a dagger from the scabbard that hung on her thigh, and coming up in the Burrow, cut off her skirt, above her knees.
– So it will be more convenient.
When we get to the tight city.
You will need to buy your pants.
– Thank.
So much more convenient.
Norah said.
But you can not lose time, it’s time to take the legs, to the border of another 4 days of travel.
And having left the cave in which the girls had a passionate night, and a terrible morning, the two mistresses went east to the border of the county.
Landing was tough.
The only adult man in the cabin besides me — that fat man — somehow managed to break his leg while in the pilot’s cabin, which I remember from his “teachings” with his wife.

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Now the woman was there too, with him.
In theory, if both were fastened, nothing like this should have happened.
And now he was lying with a bloodied bone sticking out of his leg and howling under the words of his wife.
This, of course, did not add optimism to all those present.
Equipped with the latest technology, the rescue capsule contained, among other things, a small automatic medical aid room.
Putting the sufferer on some rag, we dragged the fat man into this office, raised it, albeit with difficulty, onto the table and left it in the company of nanorobots who spliced ??his leg.
This process was supposed to take about two weeks.
And at that moment he could not walk anyway.
After walking around the cabin and looking out the windows, I realized that we were at the very edge of the plateau.
The right door looked at a narrow path that runs from somewhere below.
Left – on the plateau itself.
At the same time, the ship itself completely blocked the entrance from the path to the plateau.
The only way to get to the plateau from this path is through the doors of our ship.
Well, or jump over the three-meter capsule case.
While we were in bed with the wounded, looked around and put ourselves in order, the electronic brain of the capsule scanned the planet, looked around, read the relief, the atmosphere and other parameters of the environment.
And now a pleasant female voice joyfully informed us about insane luck.
It turns out that the atmosphere is completely suitable for breathing a person without a spacesuit, organic life is present on the planet (possibly reasonable), and we blocked the only entrance to the plateau with the carcass of our ship.
In addition, in the depths of the plateau there is a small cave, well, and in addition three more capsules fell at a distance of five to fifteen kilometers from us – the coordinates are displayed on the map.
At the top of the rescue capsule was a small radiation turret.
All the same, the escape capsule was supposed to be a safe haven.
I looked at the kid, the son of a wounded fat man.
– What is your name, boy? – James, sir! – That’s what, James.
Come on in the turret and cover me.
If something moves, they immediately fall.
And I’ll go out, take a walk.
And look, don’t shoot me! The guy happily rushed into the turret, and I got into a spacesuit (some kind of armor) and took one of the five ray guns aboard, went outside.
Despite the joyful news of the onboard computer, shooting the headset was scary. Webcam lesbian pee.

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