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“I know why Sasha is crying,” Natasha smiled, “He must be hungry.”
We must give the baby a bottle of

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“You’ve been mowing at my bottle a long time ago,” Olya laughed, handing out the baby bottle she bought for her little nephew to Natasha, “And how can I explain everything to Sveta?” “I will wash the bottle and the pacifier well,” Natasha promised, “Your Light will not notice anything.”

Natasha began to turn a baby bottle in her hands, looking at it from all sides.
“I’m going to the kitchen now,” said my sister, and left the room. “Boil milk.”
Olya and Ksyusha followed Natasha, leaving me in the hall alone.
I started tossing and turning, trying to loosen the diaper, but nothing came of it.
It was so insulting to feel completely dependent on the older sister.
– Now boils, – Natasha’s voice came to me from the kitchen.
– Of course, it is necessary to boil, – Olga agreed, – Young children are supposed to drink only boiled water.
I listened to the conversation of the girls and it seemed to me that I heard the word “diuretic.”
– So that’s what you started! – with a laugh said Ksyusha.
– Why? – Natasha laughed in response, – Let him use the diaper for its intended purpose.
The girls laughed out loud.
I listened to their conversation for a few more minutes, until all three returned to the room.
Ahead proudly marched Natasha with a baby bottle in her hands.
Judging by her sly smile, my sister started something again.
“I brought you milk with honey,” Natasha told me, “Mom told me to give it to you today because you have a red throat.”
I remembered that yesterday my mother took me to the doctor and she advised me to give me hot milk and honey.

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“We must quickly give the baby a bottle,” Natasha began again to lisp, “As he smacks his lips.
We immediately see that he wants to eat.
Having put a baby bottle in my mouth, Natasha looked at me expectantly.
– Quickly drink milk! – She ordered, – If you do not want to stay in diapers before the arrival of my mother.
And she will come late today – at eight o’clock.
Reluctantly, I began to suck hot milk from a bottle.
It was so disgustingly cloying that I almost vomited.
Milk had another strange taste, but for some reason it did not alert me.
– What a fine fellow! – Natasha praised me when I drained the baby bottle, – I drank everything.
Natasha took the bottle from me, replacing it with a pacifier.
“Now, when we drank the milk, we need to sleep a little,” my sister told me tenderly, “Lie down like that in diapers for half an hour, and then I will decide what to do with you.”
The girls sat on a sofa and began to leaf through newspapers with magazines.
I lay on the table, trying to hypnotize the wall clock.
Ten minutes passed, then another ten.
Suddenly I really wanted a little.
The agonizing urge intensified with every minute and soon became so acute that I could barely endure it.
– Well, girls? – Natasha smiled slyly, glancing at her watch, – Unpack Sasha? – Yeah, – Ksyusha laughed, – It’s time to check whether he has a dry diaper.
– For some reason it seems to me that it is dry, – said Olya.
– Let’s argue, – suggested to her cousin Ksyusha, – I am sure that the toddler has already managed to describe herself.
Having agreed on what to argue, the girls shook hands and Natasha broke them.
After that, all three came to the table and Natasha began to unfold my diapers.
– Well, how? – impatiently asked Ksyusha when Natasha left me in one diaper.
“It seems dry,” said Natasha disappointedly, feeling the diaper.
“Did I tell you what?” – smiled Olga.
“Really dry,” Ksyusha agreed, feeling the gauze between my legs.
Natasha opened my diaper.
Recalling that I was lying naked, I blushed deeply.
– Plant it on the pot? – Natasha said thoughtfully, – Quickly answer, Sasha.
Do you want small or big? “I don’t want to,” I lied embarrassed, although I could hardly restrain myself so as not to let the trickle go.
– You definitely do not want? – Natasha slyly squinted. Webcam nude tube.

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