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She could not understand what was happening.
After all, she waited a long time, she really wanted to.
There is no joy of unity, there is no insane sweet dream.

At first there was pleasant warmth, unstoppable passion, but then everything disappeared without a trace.
Could there be a consequence of injury? He is still weak.

After all, the central nervous system is affected.
But, he is active, it can not be contained.
Perhaps the problem is not in it.
No, there is something wrong here.
Svetlana is tired, she wants to sleep.
But how to say about this beloved, because he waited so much.
So having washed away almost until the morning, only at dawn, she quietly fell asleep.
Sunday was a happy day for both.
There were many friends, many acquaintances.
Covered with a festive table.
Svetlana beamed with joy.
From the outside, life seemed to have reversed.
So it seemed to Jura.
But at night it all happened again.
To the limit, excited Yura did not notice a change in his wife.
Or passion captured him or Sveta played.
She played as an artist of the Bolshoi Theater, that even he, a loving husband, did not notice the substitution.

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This went on for about a month.
For Jura, everything went back to normal, and Svetlana was hungry.
Every time, lying in bed, she waited for a dream dream.
Mad dream of a distant summer.
But he did not dream so.
Soon sex with Yuri became a reason for her.
She was afraid of bed, she was tired of playing.
Exhausted, she sought advice from her friend Na-talye.
Well, turn to a sex therapist, to a psychiatrist.
Well, in extreme cases, make a lover.
Vaughn, Edward breathes unevenly to you.
Everything is normalizing.
Perhaps separation is to blame.
You haven’t had a man for a long time.
Everything will pass, you will be happy together.
Believe me, a friend soothed.
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