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Now I am going to stretch the anus a little more using two fingers.
At first you will feel a slight tension, but soon relax and enjoy as well as with the introduction of one finger.
Tighten a little, like a bowel movement.

“I felt a stretch in my anus and tensed up a bit, but I love that feeling of having his finger inside me.
I want more! “Very good.
I will tell you much more about your intestines during the following procedures.
It’s amazing how well the woman’s rectum can adapt to objects of different sizes.
Now, I think you are ready for tip insertion.
“He removed a finger from my anus, to my dismay.
After a pause, something started to rustle, and I felt the tip in the anus.
He moved into the rectum more easily than I expected.
“Now I’m going to inflate the balloon inside your rectum.
“Suddenly, I felt my rectum filling up like before a bowel movement, and I groaned a little.
Then I felt the outer balloon bulge outside the anus.
The doctor pulled the tip.
“Well, everything is fixed, and now we do not have to worry about accidental leakage. Young cam anal.

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